Brani (15)
Brano Album Durata Ascolti
My 7th Grade Bus Driver Yells at Dead Trees Brano preferito 3:53 19
knee-deep in the squantz bog of naugatuck 3:25 19
I Came On My Sock and Now I Have a Daughter Named Lambchop Brano preferito 18
sex on a buttered-up grilled cheese sandwich Brano preferito 4:57 16
Hoot Mon Is Skippered by the Captain's Malone 3:09 16
take a ride on my one-wheeled rickshaw 4:32 16
this is how to use the three sea shells Brano preferito 5:43 14
Chris... Trailer Tappage in Rochester 0:53 12
laying roadside talking to corpses 3:39 11
there are no marias allowed in my ant farm 3:09 11
spatulizing lil' mooky's ostrich eggs 3:29 10
Dead Girls Don't Say No 3
Bill Nye the Science Guy Makes Me Wanna Cut Myself 3:38 1
Untitled Acoustic Song 1