Feb 3 2006, 14:22

If you ever get a chance I highly suggest check out a band by the name of Goodshirt. They are the cutest little New Zealand whose little indieish pop tune will have you feeling good in know time. but as their debut album, Good suggests, they are not a band that make great music, they are a band that make good solid music. Not a band that'll win the awards or smash record sales but a abnd that make cute, lovely music to make you feel good. you can listen to four tracks off of their first album off of their website ( ) although I'm a little disappointed that they removed the track Green from this list of songs to listen to. this being one of their most catchiest and finest tunes. so have a listen when you get the chance and let the nz boys make you feel good too.



  • BlueCherry

    sounds very nice. thx. :-)

    Feb 3 2006, 14:52
  • PinothyJ

    hehe, you're welcome…

    Feb 3 2006, 15:50
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