Fuck a Cough


Mar 15 2011, 1:56

I've been coughing like a motherfucker for nearly two months straight at this point. On the plus, it got me to quit smoking, but I have to take two fat ass pills morning and night to clear it up, and I hack like a bitch whenever I end up smoking weed. It's pretty obnoxious

I've found a lot of really cool emo/screamo lately, like Suis la lune, Midwest Pen Pals, Merchant Ships, and so on and so forth. I could go on, but I really want to say something about The Whoopass Girls, who are some tiny emo band that nobody has ever heard of. I chatted with one of the members, who's a cool dude, and the music is pretty cool too. I get like ten zillion indie points for namedropping them, so go, you guys!

Basically everyone on Count Your Lucky Stars is awesome. Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) is pretty unique, and has a cool post-rockish vibe to it. Merchant Ships is more screamo, and then there's your Hightide Hotel, Snowing, et. al. It's all good, even if you're only moderately interested in emo.

Just like I forgot about Defeater in my library, I also ended up stumbling over Modern Life Is War again, which is exactly the same as Defeater in basically every way imaginable, except for telling stories about getting run over by trains. They maintain the part where they're really good, though. Go listen to them if you've heard Defeater but not them.

Uh, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is still really good. Not much to say in that regard, but it is better than Deja Entendu, and I'll fight you over that one. This argument will never die until you people realize that you're wrong and admit defeat.

I'll keep myself posted on the whole bass thing, 'cause I know that nobody else reads these.



  • infiniteixixi

    i read it and devil and god is, i don't even know...near perfect if not there..

    Apr 27 2011, 22:05
  • Deaf_Mute_Kids

    Agreed, won't get any arguments here

    Lug 18 2011, 23:39
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