Lukas's Mix of Pain Vol. 1

When I got interested in music (I was about 13 years old), I wanted to share everything I discovered. So, I started making sampler for friends. The very first one I ever made was for my brother...

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Shaun & Tyson's Birthday Playlist (April 11, 2015)

26th Birthday of my favorite Twins, Shaun & Tyson (both members of Silver Blueberry)

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El Pueblo de los Sueños

"El Pueblo de los Sueños" is a sampler I made for my friend Manuela in Germany.

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Paderborner Pilsner Hits 2

Part 2 of the sampler my friend made for me. It's awesome!

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Paderborner Pilsner Hits

My best friend made this Tape-Compilation for me, that I would like to share with you: 90 Minuten spritzige Stimmungshits auf einer Kassette! --- 90 minutes...

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Silver Blueberry CD Release in Austin

On the way to Austin with my band Silver Blueberry. We played a show for our CD release and listened to a lot of music before and after the show.

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SXSW 2014

My SXSW 2014 in music. Listened to songs, watched some bands.

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VoodooFest 2013 - New Orleans

These are the songs I've been listening to and some of the bands I've seen at VoodooFest 2013 in New Orleans. It was awesome!

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Berlin Txalao (September 29, 2013)

I was co-hosting a radio show on Fanatic Radio ( Here is the Playlist!

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Germany 2013

During my four weeks vacation, there were 20 songs accompying me. See my Germany 2013-Playlist here!

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