• 'Best of 2011' Compilations

    Gen 5 2012, 17:40

    It's that time of the year when DJs and music blogs put together mixes of the biggest tracks of yesteryear, most are usually worth a cheeky listen.

    1) RAC vs The Hype Machine

    RAC or the Remix Artist Collective are a fantastic group who strive to re-invent songs rather just add a beat and chop it up a little. It's hard to describe their style, but think a unique blend of hip hop drums, melodic hooks, and synths. They've remixed Two Door Cinema Club, Noah and the Whale, Ra Ra Riot, Temper Trap and many more. Anyways, check out their mix above as well as their remixes - or 'remixes for people who don't like remixes' as I'd call them.

    2) DJ Earworm

    To be honest, the only thing I know this guy for is his end of year mash-ups. And they are always superb. I think mixing completely different tracks together to create a completely listenable end product is a big skill. There's 25 songs in here, all big pop songs, from the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and LMFAO.

    3) Mashup-Germany

    Maintaining the theme of mash-ups, these guys are huge. While DJ Earworm mainly does the end of year mixes, Mashup-Germany create fresh tracks all the year round, many from tracks you wouldn't think would go together until you hear it. I actually think this end of year mix is better than DJ Earworms, I just find it more 'listenable'.

    Wishing everyone a fantastic 2012!
  • Music of the Month

    Dic 15 2011, 0:27

    Bastille & Pegasus Bridge are two of my favourite groups at the moment! Both are not that well known, but have made some beautiful indie-ish music.

    Check out all their stuff but for starters: