Anal Cunt


Nov 27 2008, 8:55

Fri 21 Nov – Anal Cunt, Kill the Client, Strong Intentions, My Son The Executioner

It was gay, all the bands sucked especially Anal Cunt.

I bought an Anal Cunt shirt and a Full Blown A.I.D.S. cd which were both awful and I threw them in the fireplace when I got home.

Seth had two boxes of pizza, that was pretty cool I guess.


  • DemonCashew

    So why would you go?:/

    Dic 8 2008, 5:03
  • TheAmon

    Sounds like a shitty time.

    Dic 10 2008, 4:24
  • noisefiend

    All our non-fans are gay

    Ott 4 2012, 0:32
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