• Sunrise and Ammunition, By the End of Tonight, & Tera Melos

    Nov 1 2014, 7:31

  • Mike Watt & The Missingmen and LITE

    Mar 18 2011, 22:00

    Thu 17 Mar – Mike Watt & The Missingmen, LITE

    One of the best performances ever, if you missed it. Sucks to be you. LITE's enthusiasm for playing was shown by their hard riffs and powerful drums, Nobuyuki Takeda soon thanked the crowd with the little English he knew and said all the money from their show and merch sale would go to help out their country. And they continued playing. They played an amazing 40 minute set, there would've been an encore if I'm sure they knew what encore meant. Once they were done I talked to the guys from LITE thanking them for coming across the seas to perform, and I also thanked them for being awesome. They thanked me we talked about other Japanese bands but it was hard to communicate with the handful of English they knew. Then it was time for Mike Watt to play his stuff. It was awesome, hearing the legendary Mike Watt's bass licks and bluesy poet voice talk with the sounds of a drum and guitar carrying him. The performance was amazing and a 50 minute set was completed, but wait people want more. The Missingmen continued on for another 15 minutes. Was a great encore, because the guitarist, Tom Watson carried the encore with his own punk lyrics and voice. Was a great mixture. All in all, I loved the performance, one of my favorites.
  • Turisas, DragonForce, Powerglove

    Nov 22 2008, 18:04

    Tue 18 Nov – Turisas, DragonForce, Powerglove
    It was awesome to see. Powerglove was absolutely charismatic, wearing their koopa shells and all. Turisas having them perform was awesome, decked out in war paint was awesome, they were a joy to see. I just wish Turisas and Powerglove could've played longer than they did, both of the bands practically played for an hour COMBINED. But as for Dragonforce, I expected better from them, they were louder than they should, and were a bunch of drunks, like the bassist would go to the side of the stage, continue playing while some dude he hired to hold a bottle of Jack Daniels up to his mouth. And it sounded like they were just showing off. Like the keyboardist had a keytar and had a solo with the bassist playing on his guitar, while the rest of the members was drinking more. They even told the audience what they were doing when the keyboardist and the bassist finished. Don't get me wrong, I like Dragonforce, but they were just a bunch of drunks showing off. So, in my opinion (concert wise), Powerglove > Turisas > Dragonforce.