DJ Magic Mike was NOT on Give it All You Got


Ott 18 2006, 16:22

* 1st entry: Squirrel finds a "new Magic Mike album" for sale:

> On 10/14/06, squirrel72@... <squirrel72@... > wrote: Last night I was in a record store and saw Magic Mike's newest album, a two record set. I passed it up though because I didn't want to shell out the 33 bucks they were asking for it. Here's the label scans.

* Entry 2: JPE Gen 2 points out that an old song NOT by Magic Mike appears on the album:

--- In, Jam Pony <jamponygen2@...> wrote:
> Looks like they may be just an import "greatest hits" type package, especially for that price! But most cuts obviously have been previously released...wonderin what the deal is with the "Give It All You Got" track?? hmmmm.

* Entry 3: WHWD points out that people have begun tagging their mp3's to reflect magic Mike on this song, and they've begun charting here at

--- In, whwd717@... wrote:
> I seen on that somebody listened to Give It All You Got (Wicked
> Mix With DJ Magic Mike) by Afro-Rican. Maybe this is the Give It Al You Got on
> the Magic Mike double album?

* My response to all of this, explaining the origins of these errors:

Seems to me bootleggers (i.e. the people behind this 'new album') got tricked by pirates (me).

Now let's go over it once again...

When Magic Mike was an active member of the [Miami Bass History Yahoo] group years ago, he stated that he and Rod Whitehead began working on a song that was later called Give it All You Got, but before it was finished, Mike left Suntown Records, and the project was given to Afro-Rican for completion.

I tagged my mp3 of the song as being by Afro-Rican and DJ Magic Mike, and I shared it with a couple people.

Then Exotic E chimes in with the claim that no, in fact, Mark Rice did the cuts on the track, sparking a mini-debate between Exotic E and Vision Records' old engineer.

I then interviewed Mark Rice, Afro-Rican's DJ at that time. He claimed that Give it All You Got was in fact, Derrick Rahming, and Mark Rice himself did the cuts.

And thanks to Mz. Vet, I had the chance to then interview Rod Whitehead, who affirmed that he did not produce the track.

He explained that Rod and Magic Mike worked on a song called 'Get Up On This', and in skeletal form, could be mistaken for the base of Give it All You Got. But Mike left the label before that song was finsihed, and before Afro-Rican released the real Give it All you Got. So Mike's mistake was understood.

But by that point, my mp3 had already made the rounds.

So any release with Give it All You Got by Magic Mike on it has to be a bootleg based on my shotty work.

As well as people's over-zealous retagging of their mp3's, making it appear on -- [this is] the reason why in its current form will never replace billboard charts.

Joe aka PappaWheelie
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