What bands should we tag as officially shit?


Apr 22 2006, 0:42

The trend is spreading. What bands should we use this on? Simple plan already has it 16 times. BUT I HATE CRAZY FROG. IT NEEDS TO TO DIE. So I say lets tag crazy frog with this. Crazy frog should shoot himself in the stomach....


  • FarrokhBulsara

    ok, freddie mercury rules. i hate greenday. boooooooooo crazy frog.

    Apr 22 2006, 0:54
  • oliver-gvl

    Lots of band could be tagged shit ;) but I see a problem. Fans of these band will bet pissed and tag other bands as shit. Eventually most band would have a least a shit tag... (but I agree the shit bands would have more of these tags).

    Apr 22 2006, 2:48
  • Mez1

    Can i just say that the Officially Shit tag (although created by me :P) is creditted to the It's All About Shit Music group (view my profile for group link). So remember guys join our group also and become part of the craze! The more people in our group the more officially shit tags. Remember its officially shit not just shit!

    Apr 22 2006, 12:10
  • insanekiwi

    dashboard confessional juliana theory etc. die!

    Apr 22 2006, 15:06
  • ed_d

    Yeah if you want to know about the tag and use it etc go and join this group: It's All About Shit Music

    Apr 23 2006, 14:35
  • Orange_Boy

    lets start with emo bands..punk shit and fake metal.. so many bands all shit

    Apr 23 2006, 22:39
  • inpropagation

    God the list is fucking endless. But the 'officially shit' group is a good idea.

    Apr 24 2006, 11:37
  • Mez1

    Its an EXCELLENT idea so join and get tagging!

    Apr 24 2006, 13:28
  • zakuu

    yeah, let's tag all your goth shit...get a life and stop bitchin'

    Mag 2 2006, 12:54
  • Jonno123

    officially shit has now been used close to 1400 times. Man, that's awesome.

    Mag 2 2006, 14:44
  • Mez1

    It truly is!

    Mag 2 2006, 20:35
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