John Legend Setlist


Feb 6 2009, 18:12

John Legend @ Radio City Music Hall
New York City
Feb 5th 2009

Used to Love U
It's Over
Let's Get Lifted
She Don't Have To Know
Another Again
Computer Love
Good Morning
Heaven Must Be Like This
No Other Love
Slow Dance
P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care)
Stay with You
Number One
Save Room
I Can Change
Everybody Knows
This Time -> I Love, You Love -> So High
Green Light


Ordinary People
If You're Out There

Great show, as always... Think it was pretty much identical to Friday's concert on South Beach, except Estelle didn't join him for No Other Love.

Some of the songs are sprinkled with sequence's from other known songs, like Green Light has a Sexual Eruption-part in it. Also there's one song (can't remember which one right now) that borrows a little bit from Lollipop.

Number One is heavily alternated -- in the beginning of the song John screams out something like "It's the remix - you're still number one though!". The groove sounds a little bit like No Diggity.

Some of the songs are shortened or slightly alternated in different ways, which is fine and adds to the live experience. But I can't for the life of me get why he cut out the best verse out of She Don't Have To Know. The crowd's response to that song is kind of reserved, but "let's go to DC/NY/London/Stockholm and hold hands publicly" usually always does the trick. So I don't get why he would cut that out. Anyway I still love the song and think it's one of his absolute best.


  • IiIwayne

    gotta show my love for john legend the man certainly knows how to get out from behind the piano when he needs to and i got nothing but love for him using part of my magnum opus in his songs much love god glad you enjoyed the show

    Feb 22 2009, 9:28
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