• My Roskilde 08

    Lug 7 2008, 21:18

    Thu 3 Jul – Roskilde Festival

    My first Roskilde Festival, actually, my first more-than-one-day festival ever.
    I'll try to describe my experience!

    Actually... think I can describe it in one word: motherfucking-brilliant! (shit, that's two words!)

    Ah well:

    First things first...

    The Journey to Roskilde
    Since we're (I was there with 3 friends) from holland we gone by plane.
    20.15h on sunday the 29th it departed to Copenhagen. Bit late, but we would possibly skip the long waiting queue's to get the wristbands... (we were correct about that :-))
    From Copenhagen we had to catch a train to Roskilde station, and from there a bus to entrance West, not sure why, but the western part of the camping was our aim.
    Anyways, around 00.30h we arrived at the entrance and got our wristbands, yeah!

    Next step...

    Roskilde Warm-Up
    We now had to set up our campingplace. One of my friends had the brilliant idea to go over the bridge and set up our camp around there, so we didn't have to go over the damn bridge everytime we wanted to go to the festival terrain. (later more about that)
    Anyway, it was dark, the camping was almost completely stuffed and that in like... 15 hours since the opening!
    It took us a while, but we finally settled! Agora H was very close (our spot was around H56) which turned out to be very good when we woke up the next day.
    Hot showers close, toilets close, the lake close, not too far from the festival terrain, and service center west was doable to reach, but well.. we had to get over the damn stairs every time we wanted to get something to eat, or wanted to go the the skatepark.
    The first day, monday, we first looked and walked around the camping area to check out it's hugeness. Also we noticed (could you miss it?) the fucking great weather! After hearing the stories and seeing the photo's of the 2007 edition i didn't think we had to use our sunblock lotion.
    We decided to check out the skateboard event first.
    While the skateboarders weren't that great (still WAY better than i am, respect guys!) they gave us a good show.
    At the hour of 16.30 we wanted to check out the cinema.
    We went for Eye for eye, which kinda disappointed us. But well, we did spend another 1.5 hours there.
    In the evening we went checking out the lake, and even dared to jump in, but MAN, it was freezing in there! So we got out and gone for a hot shower instead.
    After that I learned my buddies some silly cardgame which kept us busy for the rest of the night.

    Well, can tell you all about the tuesday and wednesday, but it's gonna be kinda the same as the monday story.
    Except for the skate-event. The bicycle dudes and the skaters on the big halfpipe... big respect guys, you were awesome!

    Then the big thursday stared:

    Roskilde Festival
    We had Clutch, MGMT, Bullet for my Valentine and Radiohead on our schedule, so we first went off to Clutch.

    Clutch kinda opened the festival and we didn't know what to expect, more than the discription in the Roskilde '08 programbook.
    It was all just like in the program, some heavy guitar stuff, but it wasn't all that exciting if you ask me, not bad, but I've seen better.
    Right, off to MGMT, after having dinner.
    When we returned, the complete Odeon stage and surrounding was completely stuffed by people. We left early, due to very very limited private space.we went for Bullet for my Valentine instead.
    Heard a lot about them, but never heard them playing, nor listened to any of their songs.
    Expected some emo 'crap', but they started off really brutal, really loved that. First two songs, RIGHTO!
    but after that, that's where the emo part came in.
    Ah well, they finished their gig really well, and brutal again.
    Then off to the massive Orange Stage for Radiohead.
    Again, heard a lot about them but never listened to them.
    They were an excellent ending of the day. It was an very easy music, but great act! And respect to the big screens, they really added up to the atmosphere!

    Off to the tent, a beer or two, and then sleep!
    Friday we wanted to see Job for a Cowboy, Rotten Sound, A Kid Hereafter, Seasick Steve and Grinderman.
    First we started off with Job for a Cowboy.
    What a band... they got the crowd headbanging with their death-metal! They were alright, not completely my type of music.
    Went for some lunch right after and we were getting ready for Rotten Sound.
    They dissapointed us. The program said "Grindcore", but it wasn't that heavy as we expected, next to that, after 4 songs, I had the feeling my brains were blowing out by them so we left for Gnarls Barkley instead, it was alright.
    Then A Kid Hereafter.
    Well, what to say...
    It made me feel happy. I had the feeling like i was in a musical, without a real story.
    Hated the fact they were trowing away candy, which hit me right above the eye, rawr!
    Started trowing back the candy and tried hitting the drummer, which was behind a window. Why the hell did he have to be behind that window?! ah, whatever...
    Also hated the fact that the singer was talking much, in fucking danish!
    And then, in the end of their happy-act he asked the crowd if there were English people. We reacted and he told us "Ah, then it's good we're singing in english", and continued speaking on in danish. what the..?
    Weird act...

    But then, the act that completely made my day, what... my COMPLETE Roskilde!
    Seasick Steve was fucking awesome, the way he interacted with the crowd, the way he played his 3-string guitar, and even his 1-string guitar "You guys are up for a big surprice... a bad one", i'll never forget that line!
    The man is a LEGEND!

    After our roskilde-hero, we went again for the massive Orange stage for Grinderman.
    They dissapointed us... it was not really what we expected, even though we didn't expect that much. We left early for some sleepy-sleepy.

    Saturday we made ourselves ready for The Ting Tings, José Gonzalez, Judas Priest and Neil Young.
    The Ting Tings kinda was a great act. The duo really knew to reach the crowd and got us going!
    José Gonzalez which was right after The Ting Tings, couldn't really bother us, so we gave up on him, and went for the tent to enjoy the blue-sky and hot sun (again? did we even see clouds those 3 days?) and get some dinner to get ready for Judas Priest.
    Judas Priest was massive, to say the least!
    They way Rob (the leadsinger) entered the stage, awesome.
    They way they played their songs, awesome! And then the bike! Wow! If you ask me, Judas Priest is right after Seasick Steve the best act seen so far!
    After Judas Priest we waited for Neil Young.
    And we waited,
    And waited some more...
    The man started his show 20 minutes late!
    But seriously, he corrected that mistake by playing an awesome show!
    The paintings to tell the crowd the songtitles, the (around) 30 minute song with many many guitarsolo's. It was all good!

    Our legs were completely broken after that, we were standing for like 4.5 hours, and went back to the tent, where we could enjoy the Chemical Brothers.
    Even from like 1.5km away, it sounded great. Actually wanted to go there and do some dancing, even though I cannot dance :-)

    Sunday, the last day :-(
    We had a tight schedule. First of all we had to think of our flight which would depart monday morning at 8.20h. We decided to leave right after Slayer to the airport, and get us some sleep over there.
    But it was not that time yet, first:
    At the Gates, Anti-Flag and Slayer.
    At the Gates didn't bother me that much. Left me with mixed feelings, but didn't liked their show as much as I hoped.
    Anyways, finally some PUNK! Anti-Flag, never listened any of their songs, but it was punk, and punk is my steeze!
    The first thing what wondered me, was why the Crowd Safety people we all big strong-looking guys, where are the sweet looking girls and youngsters who handed out water (the only reason why they seemed to be there...)
    Then Anti-Flag started off, and how!
    They really got the crowd going! And halfway one of their first songs, the bass-guitar dude jumped off the stage and wanted to jump in the crowd for some crowdsurfing.
    But he didn't get a chance. The Safety people jumped onto him and didn't even bother releasing him. The dude really got mad, and went kicking and hitting around but didn't succeed.
    He went back on the stage, really pissed off, it seemd.
    A few songs later, they wanted to create the biggest circle pit Roskilde has ever seen.
    I think they succeeded. there was a big gap of nothing much in the middle of the tent, while they were doing the intro of one of their songs.
    Then everyone started running around like madmans. The dust covered the complete tent.
    I think they were fucking awesome!
    Had to leave early, since we wanted to see Slayer.
    Slayer, the perfect ending of our Roskilde Festival!
    They were MASSIVE.
    The stage was filled with two huge walls of soundsystem thingies.
    It was brutal. Can't say nothing more.

    It actually was the perfect ending for our holiday.
    We now had to get our asses back, pack our tent, and move on to the airport.

    Won't bother you with that silly story about how two of us were sleeping on a couch, and the other two were discovering the complete airport from the inside out.

    Roskilde 08 was fucking great.
    Biggest surprise: Seasick Steve
    Biggest mistake: probably Grinderman

    You know...
    C ya possibly at Roskilde 09!

    ps. hope you enjoyed reading this massive text, ended up typing more than expected :-)