Diverse Listing of Recent Albums


Ott 3 2006, 18:49

People complain music sucks these days. I beg to differ. Every genre, while it may have some crappy frontrunners, has some good in it. Here I'll list a few great albums in my top 2 categories of music: Hip-Hop, Rock.

There are still some good rappers out there. G-Unit may suck ass and be the whackest music you can buy these days, but don't misunderstand. There is some good vibrations out there (sorry for the Marky Mark pun, guys...)

St. Elsewhere - You've probably heard the first single, Crazy. Awesome song, but the album has other high points.

Demon Days - Diverse Trip-Hoppy sound with a diverse cast. From the Guns Of Brixton-esque Kids With Guns to The Grinch-like Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head, reminiscent of The Ghost Song, this album will not dissapoint.

Joyful Rebellion - k-os is a Canadian rapper out of Ontario with an easy flow, lyrics somewhat Neo-Bob Marley-esque and awesome songs like the single The Man I Used To Be.

There are alot of crappy as hell "emo" bullshit out there for the 13-year-old girls out there (*cough* My Chemical Romance), and weak repetitive alternative that probably makes Billy Corgan want to go emo and slit his wrists. But there is a bright side, guys, really there is.

II - man am I going to get it for this one, heh. But a good band with a sort of Sex Pistols-meets-Green Day kind of flavor. Some awesome rock songs here in the unique delivery this band's managed. Songs like Burn the Evidence and Worker Bees are a couple of high points.

Revelations - What do you get when you take Rage Against the Machine minus Zack De La Rocha and throw in Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell? You probably know by now from the previous two albums. This one has gotten mixed reviews, but is still good in my honest opinion. The single Original Fire kicks it off, with high points like the track Sound Of A Gun.

(Feel free to post your own)


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