Legal and free musicdownloads


Mar 19 2008, 20:36

In this journal I'm trying to create a (never complete) list of sites where one can download music legally and for free.
The Electrobel sites:
-> however should have the intention to transfer all of it's free music content to

For a list of netlabels I refer to

Hereunder follows a list of torrentdownloads which are -for as far as I could check them- perfectly legal.
I will not assume responsability for any illegal use of these links.

Any other link to legal and free downloadsites is more than welcome.


  • louise-----

    Ta v much :)

    Giu 1 2009, 18:34
  • wingkon

    I oughta use this list lol ;p

    Ott 4 2009, 20:54
  • TripleMerc

    I use this list every day as a reference. Not just for myself, but for my friends too. Thank you. From the bottom of my ears. Thank you.

    Set 28 2010, 13:44
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