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Ivy LevanWho Can You Trust 8 Lug 12:13
Lake of TearsSo Fell Autumn Rain Brano preferito 8 Lug 8:35
Lake of TearsThe Blossom Blue 8 Lug 8:26
Lake of TearsDemon You/Lily Anne 8 Lug 8:22
Lake of TearsCome Night I Reign 8 Lug 8:18
Lake of TearsThe Homecoming 8 Lug 8:13
Lake of TearsOtherwheres 8 Lug 8:09
Lake of TearsPagan Wish 8 Lug 8:05
Lake of TearsForever Autumn 8 Lug 7:59
Lake of TearsHold on Tight 8 Lug 7:55
Lake of TearsSo Fell Autumn Rain Brano preferito 8 Lug 7:49
UnheiligAbwärts 8 Lug 7:49
UnheiligGeboren um zu leben Brano preferito 8 Lug 7:45
UnheiligFür immer 8 Lug 7:42
UnheiligSeenot 8 Lug 7:37
UnheiligDas Meer 8 Lug 7:34
UnheiligHinunter bis auf Eins 8 Lug 7:32
UnheiligDer Berg (intro) 8 Lug 7:31
Diary of DreamsRequiem 4.21 8 Lug 7:30
Vanessa-MaeStorm Brano preferito 7 Lug 9:39
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  • Selvmoord

    Is that too cold? Never experienced anything below 10°. I hope there's no one dying over there. Well, i'm fine. I'm now studying electronic at a great technical school here, and maybe I'll start faculty as well... I remember I was always being undecided of what to do with my life. I chose now to study electronic, system analysis, and later.... Philosophy. And what about you? How's life treating you? :)

    1 Feb 1:12 Rispondi
  • Selvmoord

    Also... how did you found this account? :D

    6 Gen 4:22 Rispondi
  • Selvmoord

    I heard about your country problems... Good luck. Why are you ill?

    6 Gen 4:18 Rispondi
  • Selvmoord

    Margarita? What you're doing in this account? I thought you were scrobbling in another one...

    5 Gen 1:14 Rispondi
  • MengyJoxy

    I can't wait for the album release, so I every time listen the new songs,in particular "Tears On Tape", it's so beautiful song, reminds album DL. I think the album will be awesome, i don't doubt it♥ Have you ever been at a concert HIM? (I hope you understand me. My english is poor)

    13 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • MengyJoxy

    Hi, sweetheart) thank u too)Yeah, this is my most beloved song) What do you think about the new songs?

    10 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    it's not the church worship. Interesting how our minds can be, these times. And Madgista, I created an new last fm account to scrobble music again. Search for the user "Newcucabeludo", with the same photo as this profile. I'll accept your request next time I log in. Bye for now, kisses.

    17 Dic 2012 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    The bible has a great lesson of life, as you said, a compilation of real histories. But I wouldn't say these histories are very REAL. The church twisted a lot of things during the middle ages to get money and fanatics. Did you knew that there's more than 72 chapters in the bible? The church removed, 8 chapters I think, about the life of jesus as an teenager. I still believe in Jesus. He was an awesome man, aeons of centuries forward his real time. So awesome that he succeed in teaching his spiritual beliefs to hundreds of peoples... in a time like thoses. My mom is a christian and she is very biased abut others religions. We always ends up discussing... maybe her is the reason why I have some interests in god. You know, I saw a lot of things with her, without explanations, but my mind denies to believe in god. I believe in some form of superior life, that created it all. Life is much beautiful to be created by an stupid explosion, and I did not came from a monkey. But whatever it is...

    17 Dic 2012 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    Interesting. But the thing is, this girl still like me, I still like her too.. but I'm not these type of peoples that go with the overral aspect of the things, I don't like to be illuded. I needed to ignore her before trying to forget her, as she wanted me to continue talking with her. I am much better now, the important is finding something to do. I don't disucc this topic very much, but, maybe, it's important, you know... almost everyone get married someday, but I'm too young to think about marriages :) Well, I have never read an book in my life, but I think they are the most important key for knowledge, of course, as internet sucks. It depends on what you're reading... because many peoples can't form own opinions and go with the flow, the majority, at least. So you are interested in the history of church? Me too. Maybe because I was raised in an christian church, from my 6~14 years I believed in god. Now I can't believe in nothing....

    17 Dic 2012 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    I needed a million of listens for this album, to realise it's a masterpiece of overall music. Aside from these two acts and some others metal things, just synthpop and 80's music... Don't think it's arrgantly to think you're rounded by idiots. It's the world, after all. Everyone has at least a problem in life. It must sound a bit stupid, but even if our problem about the overall world is similar, I think my problem could be worse than you... why? Simple. I'm a teenager. Tennagers are paranoic, don't know dangers and how to think. Hopefully I'll grew someday, with my own mistakes. Well, it's summer here, kinda of 35°, I'm almost melting! I don't scrobble music anymore. I don't have interest in it, as it's only matters for the people how much you listen, and not what you listen to. Maybe I start scrobbling again someday. I just wanted to erase all that metal stuff I was a lot into. So, have a great day. Kisses. (could I ask what happened to you these days? If it's personal, I understand)

    17 Dic 2012 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    I don't believe I was into this shit some time ago. Metalheads are the most disgusting, paranoic, stupidy an biased people ever. Half of then are more stupid than a stone, and the other half ignorant. I threw all my bands t shirts away, I just left this one I'm wearing in this picture. I just use plain, simple clothes,black or white, real clothes, and not anything to call attentions. My hair is still big, and I don't plan to cut it, as I had it big even before I called things "metal". And now I'm listening 90 percent of time just for synthpop/new wave and electronic things from the 80's. Alphaville, Depeche mode, New Order and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the dark are some of my favourites bands now. I still listen to metal sometimes, even black metal. But the two bands that I'm listening more are Paradise Lost and Unheilig. I gotta thank you for showing me this exceptionally great german act. "Draconian Times" is my currently favourite metal album.

    17 Dic 2012 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    How can I enter psychology field without even trying to read a book? And my time is almost ending, I just finished school this year and I have nothing to do now... just go with life. You did psychology faculty? That's awesome. Perhaps you could help me in this subject? Other thing that I would love to study is christianism. I don't have any spiritual belief, but god and all this history is a lesson of life, love and passion... it's sad that the church uses it to illude others. About the psychology texts being mad, well, I think it's normal. They say we only give values for things we lose, or what we dream, our little private world. Theres always a reason behind everything, and I mean the human mind. A guy doesn't enter school and shot around 20 kids, most under 10 years old, just for fun... Oh god, where I will be in the future..? Did I mention that I'm not into metal anymore, or even most rock stuff? I strongly hate this metalhead bullshit...

    17 Dic 2012 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    Hello again, it's very nice to see you again, really. I wasn't in for two months as well... Why? I discovered one thing in life, it could be my reason to live or my temporarily nightmare, and for my sadness it was the second option... seventeen years of my life to find it, and it went all wrong. What was? Love. Now I must try to forget some things, and go where the life order. And not only for it, but my life changed a little fast... six months ago I was a happy, young and open-minded "metalhead", now I don't have interest for 90% of music, video games, films, television and I even dislike internet. I guess I'm not a child anymore, it's time for act like an adult. I have a big interest for psychology and things related to human mind, it would be awesome to know what the human mind is, you know, sit down and help others just with dialogues. They say I'm good with words... I don't agree, most time. But the fact is: I'm just a lazy and not worried boy...

    17 Dic 2012 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    Madgista, I miss you!! Comeback for the love of god!!

    17 Ott 2012 Rispondi
  • Ania_2708

    well, you knwo, here in Poland we celebrate "name-day" - and my mother invited me at that day to the cinema and we saw "The Dark Knight Rises" ehehehe ;D I really like it... imho it's better than old Batman films... and Bale was great... oh and you know, I love Tom Hardy (Inception, yeah! it's great film)... so after Batman I decide to watch some films with Bale... I was planning to watch American Psych ages ago, but couldn't decide.... and I watched it last time, it's geat film and has really good soundtrack! and have you seen "The Machinist"? it was such mindfuck... ;O I felt so sorry for Trevor *_* The Expendables? nonono, definitely not! i do not like Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme and so on... well, I'm planning to see TR coz they'll be around, but you know... sometimesit's hard to make plans ;D

    6 Set 2012 Rispondi
  • ufolaku

    Heyyyy, you're very welcome!! ♥ ^^ A lot of hugs for you too :D You've got a great music taste as well!! ^^ I'm so great, how about you? :)

    5 Set 2012 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    ALSO, of course I like heavy clothes. I think peoples get more ellegant in the winter because of that :) Nothing better than some balck jeans, leather jackets, my t shirt of Bathory or Korn (I'm a big korn fan... weird too?? :) ) and the cloudy, cold night thing I meantioned below. And I like both dark skies and unfunny jokes :D~

    2 Set 2012 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    and I don't like the fact that there will be a summer :( I hate summer and warm temperature!! I always wake up with my hair all wet. And I love to dress black.... can you imagine how I suffer in summer, being forced to dress white?? I like to use leather jackets, but one can't use one in the summer. Oh, I forgot to tell you: There's other type of art I enjoy... pictures and drawings in black/white, especially drawings. They are easy to be done and artists can express a lot of things. Abstract paints aren't senseless, you know. You can make a lot of beautiful images without representing normal things of the world, but representing things from your brain. I have some images of the type here in my hard drive, and others imagens about winter and fog forests as well.

    2 Set 2012 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    He don't show up during the day, he only dress in black, he sleeps in a coffin, like to make up in the graveyard and his house has the walls black and the floor/ceiling is purple, full of curtains... a lovely place :) Once, he was listening his music and a crowd of peoples that can't accept that there's different opinions gathered to smack him..... you know, thinking he's satanic or a non believer.... Ignorance is a bitch, isn't it?? I can't stand peoples who can't respect others, maybe that's why I approach of a lot of peoples that have ideologies and don't follow the crowd opinions. And like you noticed, yeah... I love cold times. Nothing better than a cold, cloudy night with a thick nebline and strong winds, especially with some black metal or other atmospheric sound, like instrumental keyoard music. I'm enjoying right now the last days of the winter here in Brazil... (continue again)

    2 Set 2012 Rispondi
  • cucabeludo

    Big works are quite boring, aren't they?? Now that you cited that, I need to do a work for school about Hitler and Mussolini... I'm in the last year of school. I think I will do something about psychology (don't know if it's written that way) and these things about brain/mind.... I find it interesting, you know: "different peoples" and these humans that can't control their own mind. I would love to understand the human mind. And the only type of art I enjoy is music... maybe some things envolving philosophy and phrases of the type. Weird, isn't it?? About goth music, my father is gothic, as you know, but he's a "normal person" for the world... I mean, the only listen the music, but he don't dress like goth peoples and follow their culture. He has a friend that is Gothic for life, I mean, VERY GOTHIC. (continue)

    2 Set 2012 Rispondi
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I'm going in. Rambo style.

Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

I don't owe anything
I don't owe anyone
Shoot pride for all it's worth
I don't belong

I hate happy music, that makes me sad. Sad music makes me happy.

Why so serious?... Let’s put a smile on that face!

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

st track: (13 Nov 2011)
Lake of Tears - So Fell Autumn Rain

Leaving with twilight though I was chosen
To wander the way in the darkest of nights
Oh, in the summer sun how soon I came to stray
A true damnation, when I turned away

So fell autumn rain, washed away all my pain
I feel brighter somehow, lighter somehow to breathe once again
So fell autumn rain, washed my sorrows away
With the sunset behind somehow I find the dreams are to stay
So fell autumn rain

Blinded by dawning so you would take me
Further away, away from the fall
Oh, you told me I must never dream again
A true damnation, you left me the pain

So fell autumn rain, but all things must pass