Another Survey..


Lug 23 2008, 13:10

"Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite."

1a) Outkast
1b) Ms. Jackson for sure.
1c) hmm... i think it was Babylon and ATLiens as a whole.
1d) that's a hard question, at the moment i think i feel Chonkyfire the most.

2a) UGK
2b) damn, let me think a minute... it has to be Stick Em Up (ft. UGK) by Ludacris... when i bought that album i didn't even know who they were, lol!
2c) if i remember this right, it was Supposed to Bubble.
2d) One Day & Diamonds & Wood are my all-time favorites.

3a) Kanye West
3b) Through the Wire.
3c) i always listened to him, but i really loved him when Late Registration dropped.
3d) good question, haven't really listened to him in a while.

4a) Chamillionaire
4b) damn i don't know which song it was, all i know is that i knew him through the Swishahouse beef that went on.
4c) like with kanye i always listened to him, but after Mixtape Messiah 2 dropped i was really a fan.
4d) Industry Groupie really has a concept to it, i like it alot. don't know if that's my favorite though.

5a) Tech N9ne
5b) i think it was Slacker, my boy showed me the vid on youtube.
5c) i never really got into him until last week, T9X is the reason i can't get enough.
5d) T9X..

6a) Lupe Fiasco
6b) Touch The Sky (Ft. Lupe Fiasco) by Kanye West.
6c) probably The Cool.
6d) Little Weapon (ft. Nikki Jean & Bishop G), my all-time favorite Lu track.

7a) Daft Punk
7b) One More Time of course.
7c) Face to Face got me.
7d) i think it's still Face to Face.

8a) Devin the Dude
8b) Hey Shawty (ft. Devin The Dude) by I-20 for sure.
8c) What A Job (ft. André 3000 & Snoop Dogg
8d) it's still What A Job (ft. André 3000 & Snoop Dogg

9a) Z-Ro
9b) i think it was From The South (ft. Lil' Flip & Paul Wall), could be wrong though.
9c) good question, probably 1 Night (Ft. Trae) or any other track off Let The Truth Be Told.
9d) No Help (ft. Z-Ro) by Trae, one of my favorite tracks ever.

10a) Dane Cook
10b) Harmful If Swallowed was the first album i had from him.
10c) i instantly loved him.
10d)it's one of the two CDs on Retaliation, or just both, lol!

11a) Trae
11b) probably 1 Night (Ft. Trae) by
11c) when Restless dropped.
11d) *copies 9d)* No Help (ft. Z-Ro), one of my favorite tracks ever.

12a) Afroman
12b) what do you think? lmao.
12c) Let's Get High Tonight.
12d) i don't have 1 favorite track.

13a) Little Brother
13b) i read about them on a message board, then i got Get Back.
13c) probably when i heard Extra Hard.
13d) eh.... it's still Extra Hard.

14a) M.I.A.
14b) my boy got Arular, don't ask me where he got that shit from, lol!
14c) i really got into her after Bamboo Banger.
14d) probably Paper Planes, this track is ill as hell.

15a) Ludacris
15b) damn, i don't even know... probably Move Bitch (Ft. Mystikal), i never perceived Rollout.
15c) Word Of Mouf's Intro, Coming 2 America (Intro).
15d) i really don't know, there are too much good tracks.

damn, that took some time.... good thing i'm at work, lol!!


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