Collapse Under The Empire - Shoulders & Giants


Ago 29 2011, 19:54

Fusion music is a style that’s often fraught with risk. The blending of two or more musical styles can either produce something quite extraordinary or crash and burn spectacularly. When one of the base genres is itself a fusion derivative of other genres, then it is clear that a masterful hand is required to make the resulting music a success. One band who has managed to achieve this and carve out for themselves a somewhat unique sound are the instrumental project, Collapse Under the Empire. Their folding of electronica into post-rock is subtle and delicate, intelligent and skilful, and this is truly reflected in their new album, Shoulders & Giants.

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  • VGKS

    best band of my country. I hope the album is as good as you say.

    Set 3 2011, 22:38
  • TheAlexH

    Definitely the best German band I've heard. I didn't think they could beat Find A Place To Be Safe, but this might just be their best album yet...

    Set 5 2011, 20:04
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