Top Ten.


Lug 4 2008, 0:20

Answer the questions about your Top 10:

1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
First Song You Heard: I can't quite remember. I know The Boatman's Call was the first album I heard all the way through.
Song You Fell In Love With: Into My Arms
Current Favourite: Jesus of the Moon

2. Manic Street Preachers
First Song You Heard:Faster, on TOTP when I was about 8 or 9.
Song You Fell In Love With: Tsunami
Current Favorite: Umbrella :D

3. Elliott Smith
First Song You Heard: Needle in the Hay, when I watched The Royal Tenenbaums.
Song You Fell In Love With: His beautiful cover of Jealous Guy
Current Favorite: Waltz #2

4. Regina Spektor
First Song You Heard: Us
Song You Fell In Love With: Somedays
Current Favorite: Baby Jesus. It's so funny and cute!

5. Gogol Bordello
First Song You Heard: The first track on Gypsy Punks. I bought it because I was impressed with Hutz in Everything Is Illuminated and even more impressed that he had a band.
Song You Fell In Love With: Oh it was instant! As soon as the opening song started, that was it.
Current Favorite: Baro Foro. Especially when done live...oo!

6. The Dresden Dolls
First Song Heard: Girl Anachronism, when it was played at a club at the end of 2005.
Song You Fell In Love With: As above!
Current Favorite: The Kill, from their latest release (No, Virginia).

7. Nick Drake
First Song Heard: Cello Song
Song You Fell In Love With: Fly
Current Favorite: Been Smoking Too Long

8. David Bowie
First Song Heard: I have absolutely no idea!
Song You Fell In Love With: Life On Mars
Current Favorite: Quicksand

9. of Montreal
First Song Heard: I don't know...and I can't remember their titles EVER!
Song You Fell in Love With: Again, there isn't so much one song, as everything jumbled up together.
Current Favorite: And again. Blame the band with long titles!

10. Pulp
First Song Heard: Common People
Song You Fell in Love With: Do You Remember the First Time?
Current Favorite: Babies


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