New Music April 2010


Apr 21 2010, 21:40

I'm planning to use this Journal Entry to log all the new interesting bands/music I come across in the media/radio etc to research at a later time. If anybody has an pointers or advice on tracks/albums/bands please do let me know or make a comment.

Clash April 2010

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Random Recommended Albums

Alex Smoke new album entitled “Lux"
(Rated at 8/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “The scope of Lux+ displays the only music and character he’s challenging is his own. A fact that belies Smoke’s ascension into the exclusive pantheon of truly exceptional electronic composers”
Recommended track to download…..”Pilk”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Tadd Mullinix, Thomas Brinkmann, Perspects.

Caribou new album entitled “Swim”
(Rated at 8/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “Five albums and numerous aliases in, Dan Snaith has found a guise that suits him perfectly.”
Recommended track to download…..”Sun”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Four Tet, Hot Chip

Christian Prommer new album entitled “Drumlesson Zwei”
(Rated at 9/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “Christian Prommer’s live interpretations of house, techno and electronic classics possesses a mastery of energy versus understatement. Using live instruments to play club 12”s, taking the linear, repetitive, building block nature of music made largely on machines, and having a band actually play it has brilliant results.”
Recommended tracks to download…..”Sandstorms”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. David Axelrod, The Detroit Experiment

High Places new album entitled “High Places Vs Mankind”
(Rated at 7/10)
Described as “...this beefed-up second album, seeks to address the first album's overly delicate failings. Mary Pearson’s ethereal voice is more prominent, and the intricate layering also contains dance beats-an evolution through revolutions per minute…”
Recommended track to download…..”When it comes”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Cocteau Twins, AC Marias

Ikonika new album entitled “Contact, Love, Want, Have”
(Rated at 6/10)
Described as “Ikonika has some technical ground to make up before reaching the neon scattergun styles of contemporary Hudson Mohawke”
Recommended track to download…..”Idiot”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Kode 9, Darkstar, Cooly G

MRK1 new album entitled “Sound Of Contagious”
(Rated at 7/10)
Described as “As dubstep moves from it’s niche, MRK1 is now settling down what once was a widescreen spectacle into a more accessible operation…”
Recommended track to download…..”Caged In”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Virus Syndicate, Kromestar, Plastician,

Nice Nice new album entitled “Extra Wow”
(Rated at 8/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “They’ve been recording and gigging for nigh on ten years now but this new album, their first for Warp is also the first that’s likely to dent the mainstream. A good thing too, as it’s pretty damn impressive”
Recommended track to download…..”One Hit”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Battles, Liars, Health

Rainbow Arabia new album entitled “Kabukimono”
(Rated at 7/10)
Described as “…especially when as here it’s tempered by beats and bottom end inspired by the best bits of underground dance music. Add fresh guitars and yelped vocals and you end up with a kitsch charming and engaging sonic palette.”
Recommended track to download…..”Holiday In Congo”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Mia, Telepathe, Gang Gang Dance

She & Him new album entitled “Volume Two”
(Rated at 9/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “Ludicrously talented pairing Zooey Deschanel and M.Ward have kept everything that made their debut great and added a little more jangle and some beautiful vocal effects for this second outing”.”
Recommended track to download…..”In Tne Sun”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. M. Ward, [artistLucky Soul, Camera Obscura

Starkey new album entitled “Ear Drums And Black Holes”
(Rated at 8/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “Built for dancefloors and home stereos alike, ‘Ear Drums And Black Holes’ demonstrates an aural growth within the genres Starkey inhabits and his skills as producer. Denser than predecessor ‘Ephemeral Exhibits’, thriving amongst a veritable thicket of texture, ‘Ear Holes And Black Holes’ is exactly the type of popular record dubstep has been threatening to deliver.”
Recommended tracks to download…..”Numb”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Joker, Vex’dl

The Radio Dept. new album entitled “Clinging To A Scheme"
(Rated at 8/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as “Clinging To A Scheme shows a band frothing with curiosity, picking up early-“90s dub inflected dance, discarding it for fuzz-drenched alt rock and sprucing it up with Sade-esque sophistipop, all the while retaining their trademark dreany haze.”
Recommended track to download…..”Domrstic Scene”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Saint Etienne, Yo La Tengo, Broadcast.

The Tallest Man on Earth new album entitled“The Wild Hunt”
(Rated at 8/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
Described as ”…the second release from Swedish guitar-twanging folky master, is a graceful and beautiful advancement of form and matures just the way a second album really ought to…”.”
Recommended tracks to download…..”Thousand Ways”
Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Bob Dylan, Bon Iver, Deer Tick


  • Nialloleary

    As a footnote Rainbow Arabia is listed as an 2009 release but it appears in this months Clash reviews?-maybe they lost the CD in the office and found it again :) For my money Ikonika is disappointing-maybe Hyperdub's weakest release.

    Apr 21 2010, 21:45
  • risK49

    Alex Smoke, Caribou, Nice Nice & Starkey get the vote from me as well. I thought that Ikonika was Ok. Christian Prommer looks interestin'! MRK1 could be good too, here's hopin'!!! Radio Dept didnt do much for me though, shall try again.

    Apr 21 2010, 22:02
  • Nialloleary

    Thanks Kris-I added Nice Nice as you mentioned it to me in a shout. Nice Nice & Starkey are the two albums I'm most interested in hearing next. Ikonika is an ok album but the promise suggested in some of her other releases leaves me feeling disapointed.

    Apr 21 2010, 22:46
  • Babs_05

    The only one I've heard is She & Him and I was really disappointed. I love both of them and liked what they did before. Maybe I was grumpy with the sniffles when I listened and should try again but I thought it was insipid. Don't know the others, will check them out. Just found out last night there's a new Flying Lotus album due in May! Can't wait. Thanks as ever for this. :)

    Apr 22 2010, 0:08
  • airfigaro

    Can't wait to hear the Starky and the Caribou. Also interested High Places. I have She & Him on request from my local public library :) Thanks again for posting this!

    Apr 22 2010, 1:57
  • Babs_05

    Doh. You're way ahead of me. Shoulda known. I'll get my coat.

    Apr 22 2010, 13:32
  • Nialloleary

    In fact the local library is a decent source of music here in the UK as well dude. Cool I was unsure about trying High Places, The Radio Dept and The Tallest Man on Earth-will certainly give them a go. Yep Babs Fly-lo leaked a while back I'm told babs :) You'll love it.

    Apr 22 2010, 20:59
  • Typheem

    I've never heard of anything in this journal XD

    Apr 24 2010, 10:29
  • boozec

    I'll be checking out this music.

    Apr 24 2010, 21:40
  • gavinjh

    Some good suggestions on here Niall... Tallest Man & Caribou are both excellent. Also worth checking out: Dosh - "Tommy" (he's the man that puts the beats to Andrew Birds recent stuff); Take - "Only Mountain" (similar to Nosaj Thing); Neil Cowley Trio - "Radio Science" (Modern Jazz with rock styling, similar to The Bad Plus); and finally Johann Johannsson's - "and the endless pause..." is painfully beautiful too.

    Apr 25 2010, 13:50
  • DemonSweat

    The new Caribou is good. The Rainbow Arabia album is a bit old and i preferred their EP. Starkey is fine. The prior Tallest Man on Earth album was great so I'll have to check out the new one. I haven't heard of Nice Nice, but sounds like something I would enjoy.

    Apr 26 2010, 14:27
  • Nialloleary

    Thanks chaps-I really need to listen to Nice Nice & Tallest Man next.

    Apr 28 2010, 6:13
  • CvaldaVessalis

    Hey Niall; nice eclectic list here... have listened to Caribou and She & Him and found both rather good. Obviously, shall be checking out the rest when I can spare a moment. New'uns I've been listening to that I thought I'd mention here include: LCD Soundsystem (Album Of The Year contender right there!); David Byrne and Fatboy Slim (more than a little West End-ey and poppy, but I can't help and be completely charmed by it); The Bird And The Bee's Hall & Oates tribute album (again very poppy, but diverting); Plan B (wasn't expecting to like it at all, but damn it's so clever and engaging); Efterklang (disarming alt-rock-pop, very sweet); UNKLE (very nice return to form)... And I would recommend the Glee/Madonna EP, but I'm guessing it's not very welcome around these parts... ,'8^{

    Apr 28 2010, 11:30
  • critic

    Niall, don't ever be unsure about checking out the radio dept.. few better bands exist.. believe me... ;)

    Mag 2 2010, 23:19
  • critic

    and tallest man on earth is more of the same, but still good.. not quite as good as his first (fresh always sounds better) but still worth checking out...

    Mag 2 2010, 23:20
  • Nialloleary

    Thanks Kev-will certainly check radio dept. I gave tallest man on earth a spin today-certainly sounded pretty decent.

    Mag 3 2010, 21:25
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