Top 15 Albums of 2005


Dic 25 2005, 4:08


  • eduardomulder

    I have to agree. In Case We Die is a great album. One of my favs this year!!! Illinois too! :)

    Dic 25 2005, 5:29
  • turkl2

    very nice. although i would also include dungen's ta det lungt (sp?) and arcade fire's funeral.

    Dic 25 2005, 7:25
  • NerfHerder

    I thought about including Dungen. And while it was finally released in the US this year, it was technically released in 2004 in other parts of the world and was also when I got my grubby little hands on it. Thus my snub. And funeral was definitely 2004. But also definitely #1 of 2004.

    Dic 25 2005, 19:52
  • PropaneSteve


    Gen 18 2006, 21:50
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