the one where I explain what my tag-radios' are for


Nov 13 2007, 16:46

this is primarily for my own reference, in case I have amnesia or... something.
but anyone is welcomed to listen :)

1 383
Once a-pone a time, I was introduced to Rock Music by my mother. And we did dot listen to her own cassettes, and her mixtapes (mostly taped from the radio and old vinyl she owned, that she unfortunately had to sell to put food on the table)
one of the mixtapes had an interesting header, which read like this, "please let there be my kind of music" then a hyphen, "heavy music". it turned out it contained alot more than just your run-off-the-mill ordinary through to type music, some of these tracks are excessively hard to locate. (one of them I haven't found anything on at all. the only proof I have that I'm not infact, stark barking mad, is on this very site, namely Strangers. not very helpfull, eh?)
To make a long story short, this tagradio contains the music of my childhood, all the songs from all over the "rock" spectre that my mother owned on cassette (and presumably on vinyl, before she had to sell them) and cobbled together on mixtape, also are the cd which I myself purchased (read: got for presents) earlier in my life (e.g. prior to my 15-16 birthay-ish)

2 233
I was surreptitiously introduced to "teh ebil " by friends from ye old musical irc channel (read: #musicbrainz)
( is a different story for a different time.)
Japanese pop music works the completely opposite as western pop music (on me, anyway.)
Western pop works like this: the first time you hear it, its instantly catchy and you rather like it, but the more you listen to it the more annoyed you are by it, and you eventually come to dislike it strongly.
Japanese pop (by extension asian as well.) is the opposite: the first time you hear it, you think not much of it at all (something to the extent of "eeguh, what *is* this?") but the more times you hear it, the more catchy it becomes until you eventually love it.
this tag radio needs more non-h!p centric j-pop.

3 215
This tag-radio functions somewhat like a manual "loved-tags" tag-radio. its name should be more "airaikitu", but since's tag-editor has ben AWOL for the longest time, no can do. infact that tag.editor went offline right while I was doing something with my tags/replayed tracks. and muz said it would be right back and all.. grmbl..

4 173
This is simply a more "original" "" tag, aka not at all.

5 125
A new tag, a sort for all the OC ReMix type tracks that suddenly became streamable on, additionally I want to use if for s as well. but there are scarcely any streamable mash-up tracks at all.
All right, how i got into mash-ups... up until I saw somebody moderating a mash-up artist at musicbrainz, striking up a conversation about said thing and getting the links to the website where I downloaded and subsequently fell in love with Dj Tripp's Break It Off.
I thought that these people that rip off others work and put it in their own music, take apart other peoples songs and put it back together again where losers with no talent of their own. how wrong i was! sure there are has some really crappy mash-ups out there, but when done right, like it is supposed to be like that, its genious.

6 89
The tag radio for somewhat "harder" music, ,

7 88
My test tag! allsorts of wtf-ery goes here, new music is cool!
I am now however, using the play-list feature for the stand-alone tracks I want to quickly listen to, to asses if I want to keep them in a tag or not, the playlist gives me more control to do that.

8 80
Named after a norwegian compilation series with the same name this features mostly music in the "" category, mostly that of s

9 70
My Mother was a Hippie. a real, bonafide, leftwring-political, reactionary, demonstrating potsmoking, flares-wearing Flower Power Hippie.
I envy her that.
this tag radio probably does not have all the true musical acts of the hippie era, and highly likely some things that really don't belong at-all, but eh, what can you do, just listen to the music and be groovy. peace, man.

10 66
ABBA will be the bane of me.

11 61
"It Don't Mean A Thing, if it Ain't Got that Swing"

11 61
This is harder to explain, because it involves a private revolution by patrons of ye old slasherific comic known as "Boy Meets Boy" and thereto keenspace forum. later other forum going by the name of "The Closet" (yech phuns) and livejournal group de-loore. Basically think , 70's, Glitter, Fabulous, darling.

13 55
Should be obvious, classical music and the ilk.
Bach, was seriously, the first ever .
not kidding, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor is. so, well so, very, very, VERY, zee metal

Also obvious, these should just be fixed. also 42

16 37
cover versions!

17 29
Speaks for itself. don't like this much, as there are only japanese tracks on, want more types of music-styles.

18 22
This is a grossly underutilized tag station, I really should clean it up and add more junk. what it's for? uhm, groovy stuff :B I guess. stuff that didn't really fit in any of the other tag radios but still got my groove on.

There you have it folks. (or my future amnesiac self o_O)
have at it. also for the love of GOD, please don't hesitate with Recommending me anything! please feel free to! all the above "topic" tag-radios apply, I will be nothing but thrilled :)


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