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    Apr 4 2009, 20:50

    Adele - 19 (deluxe)
    Adele - 21 (deluxe)
    Stevie Ann - Away from here (copied)
    Stevie Ann - Closer to the heart
    Anouk - Who's your mamma
    Anouk - Live at Gelredome
    Fiona Apple - Tidal
    Fiona Apple - When the pawn
    Arctic Monkeys - Whatever people say I am, that's what I am not (copied)
    Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
    Sara Bareilles - Little voice
    Bertolf - Snakes and ladders
    Solomon Burke - Don't give up on me (copied)
    Solomon Burke & De Dijk - Hold on tight
    Colbie Caillat - Coco
    Coldplay - Parachutes
    Coldplay - A rush of blood to the head
    Jamie Cullum - Twentysomething (copied)
    Sheryl Crow - The very best of Sheryl Crow
    Amy MacDonald - A curious thing
    Duffy - Rockferry
    Eels (with strings) - Live at Town Hall
    Caro Emerald - Deleted scenes from the cutting room floor (platinum edition)
    Paloma Faith - Do you want the truth or something beautiful?
    Fountains of Wayne - Welcome interstate managers (copied)
    Franz Ferdinand - You could have it so much better
    Nelly Furtado - Whoa, Nelly! (copied)
    Nelly Furtado - Folklore (copied)
    The Fray - How to save a life
    Go Back To The Zoo - Benny Blisto
    Michael Jackson - Number ones
    Jamiroquai - A funk odyssey (copied)
    Jack Johnson - In between dreams (copied)
    Kaiser Chiefs - Yours truly, angry mob
    Keane - Hopes and fears (copied)
    Alicia Keys - Songs in a minor (copied)
    Carole King - Tapestry
    Krezip - Nothing less (copied)
    Krezip - Days like this
    Krezip - That'll be unplugged (and more) [CD+DVD]
    Krezip - What are you waiting for
    Krezip - Plug it in
    Krezip - Plug it in (deluxe)
    Krezip - Best of [CD+DVD]
    Krezip - Sweet goodbye [2CD+DVD]
    Kula Shaker - K
    Lady Gaga - The fame monster
    Ilse DeLange - Here I am
    Lisa Lois - Smoke
    Lorrainville - You may never know what happiness is
    John Mayer - Room for squares
    John Mayer - Heavier things
    John Mayer - Continuum
    John Mayer - Battle Studies
    Maria Mena - White turns blue
    Maria Mena - Apparently unaffected
    Maria Mena - Viktoria
    Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow (copied)
    Alanis Morissette - The Collection
    Heather Nova - Siren (copied)
    Heather Nova - Oyster (copied)
    Justin Nozuka - Holly
    Owl City - Ocean Eyes
    Paramore - All we know is falling
    Paramore - Riot!
    Paramore - The Final Riot! [CD+DVD]
    Paramore - Brand new eyes
    Paramore - Paramore
    Pearl Jam - Vs.
    P!nk - Greatest hits... so far!!!
    El Pino and the Volunteers - Cougar
    Radiohead - Ok computer
    Room Eleven - Mmm...gumbo? (copied)
    Schradinova - India Lima Oscar Victor Echo You
    Joss Stone - Mind, body & soul (limited dutch edition)
    Joss Stone - Introducing Joss Stone
    Tahiti80 - Puzzle (copied)
    The Cardigans - Gran turismo (copied)
    The Cardigans - Life (copied)
    The Kooks - Inside in/inside out
    The Magic Numbers - The magic numbers (copied)
    The Sheer - The keyword is excitement! (copied)
    The Sheer - Feel the need
    Benny Sings - Champagne people
    Regina Spektor - Live in London
    KT Tunstall - Eye to the telescope (copied)
    KT Tunstall - Drastic fantastic
    Voicst - 11-11
    Voicst - A tale of two devils
    Wealthy Beggar - Selling the vibe (EP)
    William Seen's Transport Music - Can I sit here and absorb?
    Robbie Williams - Sing when you're winning (copied)
    Robbie Williams - Greatest hits (copied)
    Amy Winehouse - Frank

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  • Seen live:

    Mar 15 2008, 10:04

    Paramore (05-09-13: HMH, Amsterdam)
    Krezip (15x)
    Voicst (6x)
    Stevie Ann (6x; ... ??-01-15 De Oosterpoort, Groningen)
    The Kooks (2x)
    My Morning Jacket (20-06-12: Oosterpoort, Groningen)
    Ed Sheeran (03-11-2014, Ziggo Dome)
    Franz Ferdinand (Pinkpop 2007)
    Caro Emerald (2x, 13-01-11: Eurosonic Air; 10-09-11: Appelpop)
    The Magic Numbers (2x: ??-07: Pinkpop, 05-05-11: Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen)
    Arctic Monkeys (Pinkpop 2007)
    Amy McDonald (Pinkpop 2007)
    Justin Nozuka (Oosterpoort, 25/10/10)
    Douwe Bob (6; Apollo, Emmen; 11-10-13: Oosterpoort, Groningen, Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap, Groningen; Oerrock, Ureterp; 09-01-15: De Skâns, Gorredijk; 07-05-15: Oosterpoort, Groningen))
    William Seen's Transport Music (10x;... 5e x:01-07-11: Podium Asteriks, Leeuwarden, 6e & 7e x: 19-08-11: Op 'e Sjouwer, Joure; 8e x: 19-05-12 CD-presentatie @ Romein, Leeuwarden, 9e x: @ Prinsentuin, Leeuwarden, 10ex @ Café De stam, Joure)
    Scissor Sisters (Pinkpop 2007)
    Laura Jansen (3x; Oosterpoort, 14-01-11: @ Coffee Company; 16-04-13 @ Oosterpoort; 29-06-13 @ Simmerdeis, Drachten)
    Guild Of Stags (Appelpop 2010, 2ex: 29-09-11: Oosterpoort Groningen -support Within Temptation)
    Michael Kiwanuka (+ Metropole Orkest; 04-11-12: Carré, Amsterdam)
    Jonathan Jeremiah (+ Metropole Orkest; 04-11-12: Carré, Amsterdam)
    The Girls
    Jacqueline Govaert (4x; Vera, 25 sept. 2010; 25-06-11; Simmerdeis, Drachten; 10-09-11: Appelpop, 16-11-14 @ Oosterpoort, Groningen)
    Of Monsters And Men (19-08-12: Noorderzon, Groningen)
    Boy & Bear (22-08-12: Noorderzon, Groningen)
    Go Back To The Zoo (3x; Appelpop 2010, 04-06-11: Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap @ Groningen, 12-01-12: Eurosonic Air)
    Moke (Appelpop 2010)
    K's Choice (Appelpop 2010)
    Sunday Sun (voorprogramma Laura Jansen, 16-04-13 @ Oosterpoort)
    Tim Knol (04-06-11: Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap @ Groningen)
    GEM (2x; voorprogramma Krezip @ HMH 2007?, Bevrijdingsfestival 2012, Groningen)
    Saint Raymond (03-11-2014, Ziggo Dome -voorprogramma Ed Sheeran)
    De Staat (05-05-10: Bevrijdingsfestival Zwolle)
    Kane (2x; 05-05-10: Bevrijdingsfestival Zwolle, 10-09-11: Appelpop)
    Junkie XL (05-05-10: Bevrijdingsfestival Zwolle)
    King Dalton (20-06-12: voorprogramma My Morning Jacket; Oosterpoort, Groningen)
    Sabrina Starke
    Marike Jager
    Daryll-Ann (12-03-14: Oosterpoort, Groningen)
    Lucky Fonz III
    Flaming Lips
    Alain Clark (2x; .. , 13-01-11: Eurosonic Air)
    De Wolff (10-09-11: Appelpop)
    Hit Me TV
    Krystl (11-01-10: Eurosonic Air)
    Lisa Lois
    Hudson Taylor (Eurosonic 2014)
    Town of Saints (Eurosonic 2014)
    Tangerine (Eurosonic 2014)
    Gepetto and the Whales (Eurosonic 2014)
    zZz (Iduna)
    Dazzled Kid (10-09-11: Appelpop)
    Triggerfinger (10-09-11: Appelpop)
    Within Temptation (4x; 4ex: 29-09-11Oosterpoort, Groningen)
    The Sheer (2x)
    Di-rect (3x, 3ex: 12-01-12: Eurosonic Air)
    Ilse DeLange (4x)
    Miss Montreal (..Groningen)
    Intwine (2x)
    Blof (2x, Appelpop 2010)
    Max Meser (09-01-15: De Skâns, Gorredijk-voorprogramma Douwe Bob)
    Room Eleven
    MakeBelieve (05-09-13: HMH, Amsterdam -voorprogramma Paramore)
    Bram Dehont
    The Kyteman Orchestra (Bevrijdingsfestival 2012, Groningen)
    Tommy Ebben & The Smalltown Villains (Bevrijdingsfestival 2012, Groningen)
    Mala Vita (05-05-10: Bevrijdingsfestival Zwolle)
    De Dijk
    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (11-01-10: Eurosonic Air)
    De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig (12-01-12: Eurosonic Air)
    Scarlet Mae (10-09-11: Appelpop)
    Kate Nash (05-05-11: Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen)
    Guus Meeuwis (2x)
    Rowwen Heze
    Trijntje Oosterhuis
    Beef! (2x)
    B-Wire (2x)
    Hans Hannemann (voorprogramma WSTM, 19-05-12, Romein, Leeuwarden; voorprogramma WSTM, Prinsentuin, Leeuwarden )
    Ellen Ten Damme
    50 Jaar Nederpop (ft. Stevie Ann, Lucky Fonz III, Wouter Hamel ea.)
    Speelman & Speelman (21-01-11 "Wakker", de Lawei, Drachten)
    Lange Frans & Baas B (3x)
    Rob de Nijs
    Van Dikhout (2x)
    Boudewijn de Groot
    Bennie Jolink
    De Sjonnies
    Nick & Simon (2x)
    Groove Department (2x; 16-08-11: Night of the Songs, Keiweek 2011, Groningen en Keiweek 2012)
    Jan Smit
    Gerard Maasakkers
    Alex Roeka

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