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Ago 20 2007, 6:09

Bands i have seen live, and ones i have some recollection of (Booze is a wonderful thing). They are not all good bands tought just some i have seen and not in any particular order. Just made this list. Might write later what i remember from the gig.

Tiina Sanila
Black League
Reverend Bizarre
Candles Burning Blue
Maple Cross
Impaled Nazarene
Eternal Tears of Sorrow
Swallow the Sun
Uriah Heep
Sonata Arctica
Brüssel Kaupallinen
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus
Dawn Of Relic
Fall of the Idols
Enochian Crescent
Mors Subita
I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper
Poets of the Fall
Paradise Lost
Kuolleet Intiaanit
Flaming Sideburns
Pelle Miljoona
Peer Günt
Kuusumun Profeetta
Absoluuttinen nollapiste
Maj karman kauniit kuvat. Maj karma
Melancholic Silence
Nguyên Lê
Zen Cafe
Matti Nykänen
Heathen Hoof
Malicius Death
Alamaailman Vasarat
Thee Ultra Bimboos
Alice Cooper
Judas Priest
Sub Urban Tribe
Machine Men
Heaven & Hell
Hanoi Rocks
Niilo luola, Pahan siemenet
Kotoisat Sävyt
Celtic Frost
Rotting Christ
Holy Moses
Denial of God
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
Paul Di'anno
Dimmu Borgir
Chorale Ok WTH was i doing in this gig... i was very, very drunk ...
Kanto kaskessa
Die So Fluid
Hangover Music Company This band really gave me an hangover
Sear Decent enough Black Metal
Metsatöll Well sole reason why i went to Jalometalliwinterfest.
Jeavestone Might be better with another singer.
Kauko Röyhkä Solo
Dark Tranquillity
Witchcraft Well worth the 45e i paid for the ticket.
Sadistic Intent
Charnel Winds
The Orginal Piirpauke
Tuomas Henrikin Jeesuksen Kristuksen Bändi
Veracious Mind
Bullet Biters
Rob Coffinshaker
The Wandering Midget
Lord Vicar
Garden of Worm
Темнозорь Gave professional performance, but i liked Kroda's touch with audience more.
Napalm Death
National Napalm Syndicate Plays AC/DC. Good gig but i would have liked it more if they would have played their own songs.
Jungle Machine Played much of Elvis songs.

Spiritus Mortis
Paha Susi well basic Finnish pop/rock shite. Not my forte. But decent enough. Tough ill be remembering this gig from few gals who took their tops off.
Amazing Tails
Nachtmystium they gave good performance. Even when people were shouting them off so Pentagram would come sooner.
Pentagram gig was truly friggin awesome. But i was a wee bit tired at it tough. I had been up for about 40h that point.Anyhow how much as i was pushing the limits Bobby Liebling seemed to be way over them. He was friggin possessed and dry humping he's hand in his silver pants.
Inhuman Sacrifice
Archgoat I saw them first at the Black castle La and then went to see them in TJ Mexico too.
Ian Fleming & The Secret Agents Rather generic Rock band that was supporting Böc gig. They were dull and boring and quite left me wondering how they got the support gig anyhow.
Blue öyster cult Gig was great but they only played some songs that i liked to hear. But they have a large repertoire so you cant please everyone. I'm glad to have seen them live tought.
Winter Gardens
Tuhat kuolemaa sekunnissa Saw these three at Kerettiläisen ekumenian ilta. Shows were good but i liked the last years KE ilta better than this year. Anyhow the happening cant get any bigger than this without changing venue.
Armour They were not that good as in their demo's but good gig anyhow.
Alghazanth They had good corpse paints on but the music was not in comparison.
Death Angel
Electric Wizard One hour set felt like half and left me wanting for more. Friggin awesome gig.
Bablo Rodriguez Man quitar and Elvis = fails
Feastem Was much better than disare
Wolf Their gig was just ok. Nothing special kind of expected more.
Wasp Awesome gig but it felt kind of korny with 80's music videos projected on screen and some america flag wawing stuff.
Noituus It felt kind of surreal to be about the only member of the audience if not counting the dissiped guys.
Dissiped Well what can i say French guys trying to sing in Finnish. It brought a smile to my face and well it might have been the point of the band. Being that they had their wig caps on. Normally i would not associate HC punk with joyful music but this had that effect. Dunno if i was just properly intoxicated.
The Dwyers
Kyösti Kovismäki
Kakkahätä 77 I liked Kakkahätä more than Dwyers
Vortech Guitarist was friggin awesome, but the singer in comparison weren't. Tough Rytmikellari has had always problems with vocals audio. Computer stuff were mediocre... So overall somewhat dissapointing gig.
Dead By Dolls
Royal Lips Kind of reminded me of Die so fluid.
Santtu Karhu & Talvisovat They had great sounds in their gig, and it's not easy thing to archive in venue like Rytmikellari.
Epilä Generic Finnish pop/rock but i will not be suprised if i hear them on the radio more often.
Ironica Titty fronted metal. Suffered much from their audio at kellari. Expecially their singer's voice was not as much audiable as the rest of the band.
Behemoth Did not enjoy the gig that much as i would tough that i would.
Forest lake Bluesy stuff to drink with. Kind of background music
Church of Misery Friggin intense gig. I even got booted into forehead by their singer when he stage dived
Isole Played too short set, so i cant really say anything but i liked what i heard.
Pagan Altar Musically they were better than Church of misery gig week before but that gig was more intense than Pagan altar.
Coverslaves Might be as close as i can get to an actual Iron Maiden gig, if you dont count Paul Di'anno
Radiopuhelimet Good gig but turnout to watch them weren't. But still better than at Brüssel kaupallinen gig.
Shades of Nowhere Not bad, not good.
Dantsik Cover band that played Danzig
God Given Ass Bass-player was better than the rest of the band
and it was good that bass was mixed into front so that you could hear it better.
Terveet Kädet Legendary band. Not so intense as i hoped it would be, but well i liked it still. And to top it off there were strong nordic lights on the way home to crown the gig.
Zonaria Did not catch the whole gig but i liked what i saw/heard.
Dark Funeral There was just too few people at the show to make it a good one.
Demonical Did not like them that much. Made me to stomp my feet but nothing more.
Deströyer 666 Their records are better than live performance. But i still liked the gig thou.
Blaze Bayley Im not that familiar with the man's solo productions. But i liked the gigs "in your face" aproach, and the fact that Blaze came to the front row off the stage. Many performers wont do that. And i have to say that those people that came to the show were not just fans of Blaze or just metal, than music in general because they skipped Usa-Finland icehockey match. Icehockey being kind of a big deal in Finland.
Huminoita Picturesque slow music. Didn't like their singing so i was glad there was not much of it. Nice logo btw.
Black Crucifixion They were warming Archgoat in Oulu. Kind of liked them more even thou rest of the audience did not agree. I havent seen em before so it felt kind of new and fresh where as Archgoat i have seen couple of times allready.

Flame Took a taxi from Turku to Lieto to cath this gig and it was worth the money i paid for it. Skipped few bands that came next in Hammer open air and took some beer instead.
Tribulation No notable perfomce that i can recall, other that than their guitarists were concentration camp skinny.
Kind of skipped Solitaire in beer area. So no comments. Enochian Crescent gave most booring performance that i have ever witnessed from them. Dunno mayby they just try to do too much. And the scissors thing just feels too rehearsed.
Had to see Pagan altar again even thou it rained pretty bad. My shirt got drenched and it wouldnt dry so i had to buy a jacket worth 70e the next day. But the first night i only had my t shirt on and was quite chilled. Gig was not so good as in Nuclear nightclub but still better than some performers at fest.
Celestia Felt kind of out of place with the rest of the band lineup. So in away it felt better than it actually was. Anyhow i tried to dry my gear during the gig 'cos even my socks were drenched.
The Devil's Blood I feel sorry for anyone who missed this gig. Even that i felt the cold in my soggy outfit did not matter when they enthralled me with their music.
Had to skip fest afterpartys thou. Cos i felt the cold of having to wait for the festbus for hour and half and it rained more at the time.
Next day i hunted for that damm jacket and a belt from Turku so i missed most of opening acts. Arrived to
Profetus funeral doom act. Liked it even thou it felt even more out of place than french black metal. And with the sun still shining the grave candles were not that effective.
Heretic was just too much of Rock'n roll for my taste. But mayby ill give their records a try someday.
Vitsaus Felt rather generic Raw black metal with nothing of their own. But well atleast you know what you are getting from their gig.
Urfaust Great gig but the indoor venue was just too full of people to truly enjoy it. Made it hard to see the stage even.
Grand Belial's Key It felt kind of out of place when peple hailed them when in my mind their songs are about black metal ideology more than any nazi stuff in them. Not that i minded tough. All in all not that great gig.
Aura Noir Im not that familiar with the band so i did not get as much out of the gig that i might have if i knew the songs, but all in all a good gig never the less.
Tried to 'pit some during it but not that much happened with 2-3 man pit.
Enforcer felt just too much glam for my liking. Others seemed to like em thou.
Nordic frost plays Celtic frost. Having witnessed the thing proper it was not that great but the Hellhammer songs were great.
Jarkko Martikainen Good gig, but a couple from Revonlahti almost ruined it for some.
The GraveYard Shift Articulation of their singer werent that great but otherwise ok bluesy gig.

Sacrilegious Impalement
Horna Saw these three in Jalometallikickoff. But sound on their gigs at Juhlateltta was pretty horrible. Almost ruined the gig. Thou Horna pulled it off with professionalism and candlelight atmosphere.

Rytmihäiriö I even actually rather liked their gig. Thou it felt rather short and my friend did not like it when i told him that their songs are like stories of his life.
Suffocation Good gig but their newer material weren't that familiar to me. I have mostly listened Human waste EP.
Macabre Mostly watched them from beer area. Liked their singers stories between songs thou. Not that influential gig.
Carcass No expectations because i haven't listened to them but still the gig was rather good.
Melechesh Well no expectations here either. And the gig itself was not that exceptional either.
Ross the Boss Well Manowar still stirs some emotions it seems. They didn't play that much of their our songs thou but who cares if they do stuff from early Manowar. And their 2 drum sets was explained when Scott Columbus joined them.
Triptykon Not so powerful gig as when i saw them with Celtic Frost lineup after Monotheist record. But it still was damn heavy set. Mostly CF songs thou.
Would have liked more of stuff from the new record.
Totalselfhatred Skipped most of Angel witch to see them and i think it was worth it. Frigging awesome gig thou there should have been more people to witness it and maybe someone should have gone to the front of the stage. But it did not kind of suite with the music then.
Skipped Gorgoroth, it was just too far away to venture after Totalselfhatred at Nuke venue.

Fleshpress Good gig at vastavirta but just too short set. Felt like 30min
Ward Gigs got crappier as the evening went on.

Neutron Hammer
Craven Idol
Stench of Decay
Grave Miasma
Hooded Menace
Nirvana 2002
Dead Congregation
Necros Christos

Vinum Sabbatum
Avatar Was warming up Dark tranquility. Not that good gig from them but DT gig was wayy much better than earlier one in Qstock
The Uncools
Jex Thoth
Last Rose Young guys who played quite good. Only their singer was rather mediocre, but mayby he gets better with some practice, and maturity. My friends bands when they were at their age were much worse.
Chained Actually Last Rose played much better than these guys. But the singer was better in comparison. And only band of the night who imho played too loud so the sound mushed up in acustically designed Huvimylly filmtheathre. All the other bands sounded great. Oh and lights were great too for the venue.
Antipope Most pro band of the night. But they took their time with make-up and some people got bored and left before they came. And anyhow why wear corpsepaint anyhow if you are not truly playing blackmetal anymore?
Chromatic Dark Decent enough rougher melodeth. It kind of felt funny thou when singer spoofed In flames cover by saying that audience remembers the time when they were still a good band during Whoracle record. When most of them werent even born when the record came out.
Enna Nöpönen band Cover band, nothing special. Mainly i just wonder why rockabilly dudes seemed to be so much into them. Other than that they played one cover of Volvbeat.

Ensiferum Were supporting Amorphis. Not that great gig but ppl were mainly waiting for Amorphis.
union street Not the kind of music i normally would listen to. But seemed to work live better. Wouldnt listen their records thou.
Vuohivasara Was not actually expecting much from this band but they were ectually rather good playing live. Much better than on their records/etc. Oh and throwing razorblades to audience was nice touch. Them being dulled or not.
22-Pistepirkko Actually first band that i saw in Raahesali. Theres mainly classic music playing there. Oh and long time ago they used to show films there. Then films sounded like horrible porridge. But actually 22 PP sounded rather good even. First half hour of the set was quite boring thou. Then they started to play faster/better, mayby it took some time to adjust to the auditorium like enviroment. Gig had overall good humorous vibe to it. Overall i liked it exept first 30min of the set. I havent listened to them that much and only know Onion soup song and they didn't play it. Good gig anyway.
Gates of Slumber
Place Of Skulls Have to say i kind of expected more out of Place of skulls, because i have listened them before even. But Gates of slumber played better live set than them. But in records GoS is worse than PoS. Even my friend that is more into melodeath liked GoS gig. There was not so much ppl in the audience than there has been before thou. Mayby Doom is falling out of fashion in Oulu... Anyhow i enjoyed the gig.
Wolfmen Not so much audience because local band was playing at the same time. But decent enough. But it must have been really bad gig at Kokkola if one in Raahe was that much better.
Stringpurée Band Actually first time i have seen an concert kantele alive. Thou i have listened Nest and such bands before even. It actually even suited this progeband. Good gig.
I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper I saw some of their gig in qstock ages ago but not enough to mention them then. And now i saw em at Nuke, but i was throwing up in the toilet much of the gig. So no real comments... Anyhow i gotta see em again someday so i could catch the whole gig.

Satanic Warmaster
Saw these on Hammer open air 2011, there were other bands too but during their gig's i was chatting and boozing with friends. Anyhow Primordial were not that great that i expected, it might have been better on indoor stage and at later on night. Inquisition was rather interesting when it sounded like that their singer's voice was distorted. But it was just he's technique to sing. Haven't heard of them before. Absu was not that great that i expected but hell drummer as a singer thou he had a silly diadem on he's head but thats to keep the mic on i think. Had to woke up to see Stormheit and they were actually pretty good, no matter what else say. And i havent seen Satanic Warmaster before or even listened them that much but their cover versions were good and with new perspective overall good gig. Well Autopsy is not my kind of music really. But i have nothing bad to say about it either.

Children of Bodom
Gommi ja Pommi
Twisted Sister
These i saw on Qstock11 kind of makes me wonder why i bought the ticket for 2 days anyway when i mostly was outside of the area anyway. Saw bodom just too far away to really enjoy it, plus i had to queue for an half an hour to get a beer during the gig. Well Pedro Hietanen and M.A Numminen i kind of hated them when i was a kid but i appreciate them more as an adult. Oh and Twisted sister was friggin good they played lot of songs that i havent heard before or were not that popular. Anyhow SMF played on my head long after the gig was over.

Caskets Open
Grand Magus
Jalometalli11 Architorture was a band i had newer heard of but it replaced my friends band because they had to cancel so went to see em. Nothing great thou.
Caskets open was great thou i did not catch the whole gig 'cos i was drinkin. And well Sepultura was a lot of better than expected. Actually rather good even. And Oz is a legendary band and gig was great too. Grand magus was excellent but Sodom on otherhand left me kind of cold. And well Cathedral, what can you say about gig that you have been waiting for almost 20 years when you first hear Carnival Bizarre record. It can never fulfill it completely but it was still a great show. And i'm grateful that i got to see them at least once but i regret that i cant see their gig no more. But big thanks to organizers that made this gig happen. Farewell Cathedral.

Tripolar Action jazz, i dont know how they differ from free jazz but any jazz is mostly shit anyway.
Pyhä Kuolema Actually pretty memorable songs with just a man and a guitar concept.
Jaakko Vanhala Noise that was played too loud, but it's kind of expected with this music style. Thou i did not have earplugs on with me... Oh and these were at veljesiltamat 11

Ufomammut Missed Morkobot with friends but saw Ufomammut atleast good gig and i bought all their cds afterwards.
Vaikeat Ajat Invitation gig on Oiei 15years celebration ok gig and they had a connection with audience too.
Din Brad Drummer, keyboardist and 2 female singers, and it actually worked in club setting. Rather beautiful music actually.
Negura Bunget Good gig. Too expensive CD's thou. They only had 40E collectors editions on sale.
Blood Ceremony Decent enough gig, but have to say that i prefer Jex Thoth over them from this style of music.
A.R.G. Well not my kind of music. Would have liked them in my youth more. Now it feels im just too old for this type of music.
Týr Good gig. Not that good many ppl saw them thou.

Projekti 15 Punk mixed with trash. Dunno might be better on different setting than warming up for Church of misery.
Madhatter rock music that weren't that great.
Ghost Brigade Was warming act before Agalloch. Anyhow they have some good parts on their songs and some parts are lousy. So kind of mixed feelings. Why cant they keep their songs constant, i don't know.
Agalloch Great gig and i travelled to Helsinki to see them. Thou i was visiting Tallin before the gig started to buy some booze. And drink it. Might have even enjoyed it more sober, and you cant say that from much of the gigs you see.

Hexvessel I actually rather liked their hippy atmosphere.
Sólstafir Actually pretty good gig and good crowd turn-up for a Sunday night. I had to get to work in the morning so no excessive partying here...

Jaakko Laitinen Dunno, kind of music my parents could listen to, and the belly dancer just felt rather gimmicky. But mixing Balkan music with Finnish tango works.
Knucklebone Oscar Really intense gig. Just not my style of music. And really good live performance. And their singer really looks like the missing link from human evolution.


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