Zombies of the Neo-Rave Armageddon


Apr 29 2008, 20:26

Fri 25 Apr – Bang Face: The Weekender

BANG FACE WEEKENDER has come to a close although in my head it's still going, the last remnants of breakcore and acid funk dribbling out of my earsand my brain is drained of its vital fluids. What a fucking weekend. Seriously amazing! Stunning performances from Kid606, Squarepusher, Venetian Snares, Bogdan Raczynski, Ceephax Acid Crew, Luke Vibert, Beardyman, Vexkiddy and of course Cassetteboy having the crowd in stitches with their hilarious set and even funnier costumes.

More inflatable objects than ravers, glowsticks literally in every nook and cranny you looked, fucking loud horns (and the security ambush that took place wherein the horns were CONFISCATED), pumping gabba hardcore/techno/dub blasting from every chalet, chemical suits and gas masks aplenty, fackin' MENTAL.

Another mad element was most of the artists were staying onsite so I was buying a Solero from the shop and Venetian Snares and Bong-Ra were stood behind me stocking up on commodities, Ceephax Acid Crew drinking beers in the sun.

I hope sincerely to high Heaven that there will be a BANG FACE WEEKENDER 2009 with a bigger bill (is this possible) and even more madness.




  • gnommi

    this was indeed the fun weekend to end all fun weekends! there'd better be another one next year!!!

    Apr 30 2008, 13:47
  • multicore

    Yeah but who do you think they would bring next year? I mean they had all the big stars ..maybe except aphex twin :P

    Mag 1 2008, 16:53
  • paranoica

    aphex twin was actually there. didn't play tho.. :( and there's still lots of artists to go, really, this lineup was as awesome as one can be, but there are fucking amazing artists left. and i hope to see many artists from this year banging on next year as well..

    Mag 2 2008, 10:18
  • chtamina

    best weekend ever

    Mag 9 2008, 16:55
  • Nagsworth

    I'd like to see Two Lone Swordsmen play, and I would kill a man to see Luke Vibert performing under the Wagon Christ name.

    Giu 14 2008, 17:56
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