• OMD for the first time!

    Ott 13 2011, 2:03

    Tue 11 Oct – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    I missed them the last time they came to Dallas, and I wasn't sure if I was going to see them at this show, but I'm glad I decided to go!

    I don't often write reviews, unless the concert was exceptionally good. And this one was!!

    There were not many people there, as I guess a lot of them had seen OMD when they were here several months ago, so, I got to get right up front (standing only), pretty much "2nd row", great view except for the one tall guy in front of me!

    On to the music though. I had never seen OMD before, and really only knew their radio hits. I'm a huge fan of new wave music though, so I didn't want to miss the chance of seeing them.

    They were amazing! The singer is so energetic and fun, and dances like crazy! He was pretty funny too. The whole group seemed very happy and seemed to enjoy the crowd, even if it was smaller than what they expected. More than once they commented to the crowd that they loved playing for us!

    They played all the radio hits, "If You Leave", "So In Love", "Forever (Live & Die)", "Enola Gay", and ended the show with "Electricity". I was really only familiar with those songs, which the performed brilliantly! But, I loved the rest of the show as well, and from what I understand they played some songs that they don't usually play, so it was nice to get to hear those!

    All in all it was a really fun show, the band had fun, crowd seemed to have a great time, and I loved the fact they recorded the show professionally and you could buy it right after the show, very cool. All bands should do this!!

    I would recommend going to see them, for anybody who hasn't seen them and is questioning it, they are awesome and I will definitely see them when they come back to Dallas again!
  • Depeche Mode 2009

    Set 4 2009, 21:00


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  • the cure, for the 7th time.

    Giu 9 2008, 14:03

    Fri 6 Jun – The Cure, 65daysofstatic
    initially, i was a little angry, because the aacenter had told me "No cameras" and i took public transportation to get there, so i didn't bring my camera.. and couldn't go home to get it. that really disappointed me, as i am an avid concert photographer, and i have some very very beautiful pictures of the cure from 2004, i really wanted to get that again. unfortunate thing, but on to the show. i'm just going to do a short song by song review.

    underneath the stars, nice song, nice opening, you could definitely feel an air of excitement growing in the room at that point, really intense. good to hear a new song at the opening. though, i am really fond of "Tape".

    prayers for rain - very nice "raaaaaaaaaaain" on this one, but not as good as when i saw them the very first time in 1996.. i don't think i've heard robert do a longer "rain" than that! very good version though, didn't notice the missing keyboards, maybe they had a back tape playing, but i don't know.. this one is always good to see live though.

    a night like this - love this song so it was a nice treat to see it again. porl was rockin! this is his song for sure. simon also rockin on this one. robert seems to not be able to hear himself so he keeps telling them to turn him up. but he sounds great to the crowd!

    the walk - wow, i hadn't seen this one live since 1996, and what a good version.. i was surprised they pulled it off so well without they keys. i really enjoyed it though.

    the end of the world - when i first heard this song when it was released, i probably listened to it 50 times in a row, one of my favorites from "the cure" album, someone else mentioned it sounded a little off, and i would agree with them, it did. i'm not sure exactly what it was.. it wasn't robert's singing, something with the music was just, off.

    lovesong - ok i've seen this song probably every single time i've seen the cure. interestingly enough, didn't really lack without they keys. but i've heard this song so many times, it was one of those i was kind of like "next please".

    to wish impossible things - oh wow! i can't believe they played this, and GREAT version, jason rocks on the drums. i had always wanted to see this song live. wish is my favorite album, so it was a treat, as i said, great version as well.

    now we come to the mini disintegration singles part of the show.. Pictures of You, Lullaby, Fascination Street - i'm bored with all of these songs. out of the 7 times i've seen the cure, this is the only time they did not turn the lights out in the venue when robert said "dark" in POY.. weird! Lullaby was the first cure song i was ever really into, at 8 years old, i'm a little sick of hearing it now, but i still think it's a funny song, and robert was having a really good time, so that made it worth while. fascination street.. crowd was going wild, i just kind of stood there and waited for that one to be over. in my opinion the disintegration singles are WAY too overplayed, radio and otherwise. it wasn't a bad version, i'm just bored with that song.

    the perfect boy - new song, good, i liked it. very light, kind of like "the perfect girl", but a bit of a different feel.

    from the edge of the deep green sea - my 7th time to see it live, this is my favorite cure song ever, and this version didn't disappoint. couldn't even tell the keys weren't there. seemed like nobody knew the song though, not too many "hands in the sky", as someone else observed as well. anyway i still loved it. always love that song. and the lighting effects, the green, it's just great.

    sleep when i'm dead - another new one, perfect song for robert! he never sleeps! and it's the perfect song for me too. i am the same way. lol. robert told me, he stays up all night, and sleeps during the day usually. i'm the exact same way. lol. pretty intense song, good sound, good vocals.

    Push - HELL yeah! i LOVE this song, it's like strawberries and cream! very very good version of this at the show, i was excited when i heard it start. :)

    friday i'm in love - my mom always says "why does he play that song, i don't like it" lol, she went with me.. anyway, up on stage, robert said something like "it's friday, so you know i have to.." and then they started playing it. i thought it was a pretty good version, robert seemed to forget a line or 2, but he always seems to on this song for some reason.

    inbetween days - also one of my favorites, very good version, a bit lacking without keys, not sure if they had a back tape going on that one or not.

    just like heaven - another song i'm kind of sick of hearing live. my mom loves this song though so she enjoyed it. this is one of the songs of the night i'm actually going to say, it sounded horrible. i'm sorry, but this song needs keyboards, you can't just make it up on a guitar, you can't even hear it.. porl was trying to play 2 guitar parts and a keyboard part at the same time it looked like.. poor guy! this one really did disappoint, in my opinion though. of course, it's a radio hit though, so everyone was singing along. (which i also kind of find annoying..) bottom line, JLH, needs keys! i don't care if it's a backtape, it needs the keys man! i do have one GOOD thing to say about this though. robert FINALLY went back to the original way of singing it, no more "YOU YOU YOU!" that sounded horrible to me. so i'm happy about that. lol :)

    primary - oooh very good song! i had never seen it live before and it was a very very good version. simon ROCKS out! it was very nice to get to see this played live.

    shake dog shake - i have to say, not one of my favorites, and i had already seen it live a couple times before.. but they were rockin out on it this time, porl really made a difference to this song i think. robert fudged the words in a few places though, lol... he always seems to on this song too.

    never enough - i was surprised at how well done this was, robert didn't even touch his guitar, it was porl doing ALL the guitar work, and it still sounded just as heavy as with 3 guitars.. kudos to him! robert just grabbed the mic and was working both sides of the stage, very excellent version of this! and a treat to hear, only my 2nd time seeing it live.

    the only one - i was waiting for this one, i really love this new song. robert fudged the words a bit, but he seems to do that on all of his new songs, until he gets them down. i kind of find it a little funny that the fans can remember all the words to all of the songs, but he can't! i love robert though, i just think it's a funny little personality quirk. over all though, good version of this, i could see quite a few people that knew it already.

    wrong number - wow! only my 2nd time to see this live as well, last time was 11 years ago, when they did the mini holiday tour for galore, in 1997. robert definitely fudged some words on this one, but overall it was good, very good lighting effects, lime green and tangerine! he didn't say enough "sorry, wrong number"s though.. lol. that is always my favorite part.

    the baby screams - whoa! shocked to hear this one. i hadn't seen it live before, very awesome amazing version of it. that's all i can really say, i was blown away.

    one hundred years - also one of my first favorite cure songs, at 8 years old. i have seen it played almost every time i've seen them, and they just seem to keep improving it. such a good song. "it doesn't matter if we all die!"

    baby rag dog book - new song. and what the hell were you thinking robert? are you trying to become a metal band? i could not understand a word he was singing either, and very droning heavy guitars. i didn't like this one. maybe if i hear it on the album i will, but i did not like the version they played.

    *cure goes offstage*
    1st encore:
    Three Imaginary Boys, Fire In Cairo, Boys Don't Cry, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Grinding Halt, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab -
    wow, they played almost the entire three imaginary boys album, what a nice encore. i had never seen jumping someone else's train live before, it was awesome! also, three imaginary boys, one of my favorite songs, i believe i had seen that maybe once, or not at all. fire in cairo! i had never seen that one either live, very good version too. grinding halt, robert changes up the words. he's been doing that for a while now. boy's don't cry, killing an arab, and 10:15 were pretty much expected.. BDC, kind of sick of hearing that one live. i like the original version. robert tried to make it all happy now. killing an arab, was awesome, i'm kind of surprised they still play it though! (LOL), 10:15, also a very good version of that. robert got all the "drip drips" :).

    2nd encore:
    Lovecats, Let's Go To Bed, Freakshow, Close To Me, Why Can't I Be You?

    lovecats, wow! i know they don't play this one too often live at all, and it was my first time seeing it. robert kept playing little slide guitar parts here and there, and was looking out at the audience kind of shrugging, like "was that ok?" i think maybe he was also trying to indicate for us to sing the keyboard parts.. lol. anyway, great to see that song, and simon totally rocked on bass. oh, and robert DEFINITELY forgot the lyrics on this one, so maybe he was wanting the crowd to sing it. LOL.

    let's go to bed, a nice treat too, i had seen that like maybe once, the first time i saw the cure, 12 years ago.. very nice to see it again. and a good version, they pulled it off really well even with no keys.

    freakshow - *** edit: since the show i have heard this song again, and i believe i have this song mixed up with "baby rag dog book", so this description should go for that song, not this one*** that said, freakshow was actually a pretty good song, now that i've heard it again. one of those songs that the cure was trying to "not be the cure" lol. (ie: club america, harold and joe) but i didn't think it was bad.

    close to me - cool song to see live, interesting with out any keys. but still a good version. not sure if i had seen that one before, maybe once or twice.

    YCIBU - everybody was having fun with this song, the crowd and the band. by this time i think everyone knew it was almost over. when the song ended, robert said he would see about playing a little bit more, and went offstage.

    they did come back for one more song, 3rd encore: 8 minute version of "a forest". personally, i am sick of hearing this song live, and kind of annoyed that it was the last song. through the entire show i thought "wow, they're not going to play 'a forest'", but then he did, for the last song.. kinda disappointed me, but simon slaughtered his bass at the end, which was pretty funny. i think he might have actually even broken a string, and if you're a bass player - you know that's a pretty hard thing to do!

    over all it was a great show, i had a great view, robert was very peppy and fun, he was even making fun of some girl in the front row, it was hilarious, i had never seen him make fun of anyone before. simon was laughing at some people in the front, and porl was smiling a lot. nice to see they are happy, maybe that means more albums and tours!!! all of use die hard cure fans can only hope! i hope you enjoyed my review, and thanks for reading. it's the first one i've ever written! :) and everyone remember, TAKE CURE!

    ***edit has been made, description of baby rag dog book/freakshow rewritten***