The Best Breakdown I've Ever Heard


Giu 6 2007, 12:30

I wanna introduce my new idea - to collect different opinions about such coolass things as breakdowns in bands of metalcore, hardcore, deathcore and etc..

You can write about fruity breakdowns in any forms - the best single breakdown (name of a song and paht to its getting), the best album which has a wide variety of breakdowns, and so the last - the best artist the mateial of which we can name as totally breakdownable )

So for starters I state: the best album with kickoff breakdowns for me is "From Russia With Love", 2004, by Cold War. Such songs as "Fuck the Game", "We are Going to hell", "Bombs Away" are especially intrinsic.

Search and explore!!! and don't forget to express yourselves rightfully herre )

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