Soilwork v.s. In Flames


Mar 21 2008, 15:35

Yesterday evening I was sitting in our car, reading with my mp3player on when suddenly I hear a nice song, but I can't recall the artist or the title of the song.
And what turnes out? It was the song 20 More Miles by Soilwork from their latest album.
Because of this I'm gonna listen to their work some more. I got 3 cds by them on my pc, so I guess that will help me. Let's see if I was wrong with unrightfully claiming that In Flames is better than Soilwork anyway.

But something makes me wonder.. why is In Flames topartist on the lastfam page from the toplistener of Soilwork on LastFM, Gumze?


Both In Flames as Soilwork are melodic death metal bands. Wikipedia description: "Originally the genre combined the harmony style and groove melodies of heavy metal with the harsh thrashing sound and vocals of death metal".



  • mat35

    I was in the In Flames being better camp when I listened to loads of mdm.. But nowadays I'm more a Soilwork fan. Newer mainstream sellout Soilwork is good.. Whereas In Flames form of records of late has been so bad I've not even bothered listening to their latest record yet. But tJR-Colony and RTR imo are great records. Colony is probably the best either band has released.. Just In Flames went to shit some time 5 years ago.

    Mar 22 2008, 21:16
  • ShadowFury

    I agree with mat35. New Soilwork > new In Flames (I hate using the 'old/new'-signs, anyway), even though both bands' latest albums were a big disappointement for me. I love both bands a lot, but overall, I still prefer IF over Soilwork. Everything they released before 2002 is fantastic. Soilwork's Natural Born Chaos is my favorite Soilwork album by far, but comparing that to albums like The Jester Race and Whoracle, I'd have to go with IF.

    Mar 23 2008, 0:48
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