My Garbage Top-40 (Version 2.0)


Mag 18 2012, 12:27

The first version of the top is here.

40 (new) Driving Lesson (Garbage, 1995)
39 (new) The One (Not Your Kind of People, 2012)
38 (-13) Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (beautifulgarbage, 2001)
37 (new) Queer (Garbage, 1995)
36 (new) Butterfly Collector (Garbage, 1995)
35 (-7) Shut Your Mouth (beautifulgarbage, 2001)
34 (new) Control (Not Your Kind of People, 2012)
33 (new) Only Happy When It Rains (Live) (Garbage, 1995)
32 (new) Sugar (Not Your Kind of People, 2012)
31 (new) Beloved Freak (Not Your Kind of People, 2012)

30 (-7) Cup of Coffee (beautifulgarbage, 2001)
29 (new) Hammering in My Head (Version 2.0, 1998)
28 (new) Blood for Poppies (Not Your Kind of People, 2012)
27 (-7) Milk (Siren Mix) (Garbage, 1995)
26 (-24) Androgyny (beautifulgarbage, 2001)
25 (-6) Parade (beautifulgarbage, 2001)
24 (-2) My Lover's Box (Garbage, 1995)
23 (-9) #1 Crush (Garbage, 1995)
22 (new) Confidence (beautifulgarbage, 2001)
21 (-6) Special (Version 2.0, 1998)

20 (-3) Dog New Tricks (Garbage, 1995)
19 (new) Automatic Systematic Habit (Not Your Kind of People, 2012)
18 (-6) Boys Wanna Fight (Bleed Like Me, 2005)
17 (-10) A Stroke Of Luck (Garbage, 1995)
16 (+13) Right Between the Eyes (Bleed Like Me, 2005)
15 (new) I Hate Love (Not Your Kind of People, 2012)
14 (-3) Nobody Loves You (beautifulgarbage, 2001)
13 (+5) Push It (Version 2.0, 1998)
12 (-2) I Think I'm Paranoid (Version 2.0, 1998)
11 (+15) As Heaven Is Wide (Garbage, 1995)

10 (-1) Soldier Through This (Version 2.0, 1998)
09 (new) Use Me (beautifulgarbage, 2001)
08 (new) What Girls Are Made Of (Not Your Kind of People, 2012)
07 (+1) Never Be Free (Bleed Like Me, 2005)
06 (new) The World Is Not Enough (Version 2.0, 1998)
05 (-1) Stupid Girl (Garbage, 1995)
04 (+2) Happy Home (Bleed Like Me, 2005)
03 (==) Why Do You Love Me (Bleed Like Me, 2005)
02 (+3) The Trick Is To Keep Breathing (Version 2.0, 1998)
01 (==) You Look So Fine (Version 2.0, 1998)

Garbage - 178 pts
Version 2.0 - 234 pts
beautifulgarbage - 129 pts
Bleed Like Me - 157 pts
Not Your Kind of People - 122 pts

Garbage rules the world.


  • irisvanhoorn

    Nice list! I definitely have to listen more to Garbage, cause there are a lot of songs in the list I don't really know! Nice to see every album is presented, so even the album you like least (beautifulgarbage) contains enough great songs. I would have put Only Happy When It Rains higher up in the list, together with The World is Not Enough. But this one is not on Version 2.0 is it? At least not on my version... :-) They should release a compilation disc with all their b-sides, including this one :-)

    Mag 20 2012, 12:17
  • MustBeDreaming1

    BG is saved by two totally fantastic b-sides: Use Me (which is the best song from whole bg-era) and Confidence... Generally, there is inverse relationship between my love to the album and my love to its b-sides :-) Because BG's ones beat all the others! Then go BLM's, then - G's and my least favourite ones are from V2-era... There are no b-sides yet from the latest album, but there are bonus tracks which are great! TWINE is technically released after V2, for James Bond movie of the same name. But I relate it to that era, because the singles hadn't stopped being released (just an example of bad usage of English :D): You Look So Fine was released after TWINE.. And despite musically being a stand-out from G-songs of all the periods, it's more into V2, than into BG, I think.... BTW, TWINE and #1 Crush (another soundtrack song) were included in 2007 singles compilation "Absolute Garbage" ;-)

    Mag 22 2012, 15:56
  • irisvanhoorn

    I know about the Absolute Garbage compilation album, but unfortunately it's not available anymore, at least not in Dutch stores. TWINE is a bit of a stand-out indeed, but I really like its bombastic, film music sound, it fits so well with a James Bond movie (although I must say I really don't like James Bond at all). And even if the English might not be completely correct, I understand you perfectly! :-)

    Mag 23 2012, 15:31
  • MustBeDreaming1

    :-) Actually, I saw only two latest James Bond films. I liked them, but not more than any other good action movie :-) Though I listened to all the title themes, and TWINE is my favourite without any doubt. Chris Cornell's You Know My Name is definitely the 2nd place :-)

    Mag 28 2012, 10:09
  • irisvanhoorn

    I also think TWINE is the best James Bond title theme song :-) I didn't know the Chris Cornell song, looked it up on youtube, but I'm not impressed yet. I have a strong memory of Madonna's Die Another Day, but I don't think the song is very good. It's just the video that's very controversial and provocative, which could be expected of course :-)

    Mag 28 2012, 15:20
  • MustBeDreaming1

    Yeees, Die Another Day is really weak, imo. Though the video is still great. But the worst JB-song ever is (and will always remain, I guess) is Jack White and Alicia Keys, "Another Way To Die"... It's just awful for my taste!

    Giu 4 2012, 22:39
  • irisvanhoorn

    Oh... this song is awful indeed. I don't like it at all.

    Giu 6 2012, 19:00
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