Music Of The Sun


Dic 2 2009, 19:19

Let the base from the speakers run through your sneakers
Pon de Replay

It's funny how things could change but still remain the same
Here I Go Again

Baby come tell me secrets and tell me all your dreams
If It's Lovin' That You Want

Gimme the keys to your chest, ya chest will rise never rest
You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)

What me and he got is solid as a rock
That La, La, La

Silly me, i believed in your fairy tales
The Last Time

We don't have to rush something real
Willing to Wait

Close your eyes, let the rhythm take you there
Music of the Sun

So let me come and get you right, boy let me fill ya appetite
Let Me

I wanna hold your body close, its calling to me

There's a thug in my life, how am i gonna tell my mama
There's a Thug in My Life

Took a chance, rolled the dice on me and you
Now I Know


  • CRiiSs7

    best Rihanna's album eva!

    Gen 16 2011, 20:33
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