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  • AtarashiSoul

    AHHH!! That just made my decision harder! hahaha. Also, have you heard/listened to KING? They're performing in Hyde Park in December!! As soon as my sister gets back to me on whether she wants to go, I'm buying tickets ASAP!!!

    20 Nov 2:41 Rispondi
  • AtarashiSoul

    Alright, well I guess I know what I'll be downloading soon! haha. And yes Azalea Banks owns my ears right now. Also, I couldn't help but notice you're going to the G.A.M & Bahamadia show! It's on the same night as the Les Sins (Toro Y Moi) show which I already bought tickets for but I'm so tempted to change my mind! o(>.<)o

    19 Nov 2:28 Rispondi
  • AtarashiSoul

    Awww shucks ^^; How's that Theophilus London?

    10 Nov 17:01 Rispondi
  • AtarashiSoul

    YEAAAAUUHHHHSSSS!!! ANOTHER L S D X O X O listener!!! :D :D :D

    5 Nov 17:39 Rispondi
  • FCA19795

    Another artist for your library consideration....

    6 Ott 22:59 Rispondi
  • carebearbubbles

    Hugs to You! Have a great Oct!

    2 Ott 11:27 Rispondi
  • JamesStayPaid

    I got around to checking out them Cosmic Compositions beat tapes. Thanks for the recommendation, there's some cool stuff on them

    13 Set 10:17 Rispondi
  • jdotperiod

    The new SBTRKT leaked today. The Raury joint is actually growing on me. His flow is very Andre 3000-influenced IMO. But not classic Dre but current day Dre, if that makes sense. I plan on checking out Jhene's album some time this week along w/ Raury and Childish Gambino (second chance for both). Harlem is much smaller than BK, for one. LOL. Harlem has a more, I dunno, "urban" vibe outside of the gentrified parts. Lots of culture tho. 125th St. is filled w/ stores (effects of gentrification) and African women offering to braid you hair. Rent prices are steep tho. You know I have to ask you about your thoughts on the new Electric Wire Hustle! I have to get used to the new "live" sound...I was in love w/ the electronic sound they initially came with.

    10 Set 1:57 Rispondi
  • jdotperiod

    Only time will tell. Speaking of crossover electronic acts, are you excited about SBTRKT's new one? I heard a new single w/ Raury that'll need to grow on me: Also, is Jhene's album worth a download? I thought about checking it out but I remember how bored I was by her last EP. GAM is so underrated that it's not even funny. She's very dedicated to the causes she champions tho and turned down a lot of opportunities b/c of that. NYC was great as always. I spent the day and night in Harlem and the Lower East Side celebrating my friend's b-day. Good times! :)

    9 Set 3:09 Rispondi
  • jdotperiod

    I'm glad the mainstream is finally catching up on Disclosure. I just hope they don't become overexposed or water down their sound in order to appease their (fickle) new pop fans. Kilo seems like a cool chick. I'm w/ you...the lack of female producers and DJs is kinda disturbing. Other than Missy and Georgia Anne, I can't think of any prominent ones. I do know that a 17-year-old girl produced Jay-Z's Crown and a girl produced Teach Me How To Dougie but other than that, I'm drawing blanks. :( I'm headed back to NYC today! Watch me come back with like, 10 more new artists/songs. LOL.

    6 Set 13:50 Rispondi
  • jdotperiod

    Yeah, I won't be satisfied until I'm living in the city, at this point. It's simply the place to be. Can't wait until the weekend. I have more names for you but I'm overwhelmed w/ all the great music I've discovered, post-LA and AP, so I don't want to overwhelm others as well 'cause I have more! :)

    4 Set 3:10 Rispondi
  • jdotperiod

    It's weird b/c Kilo's voice is so girly and somewhat dippy sounding but still so sexy. It's weird. I'm unsure if I'd consider her a rapper or singer since her vocals are more on a spoken world/stream of consciousness-type vibe. I wouldn't be surprised if she was hanging out a the festival since she's cool w/ The Internet (who performed) and BK-based. D&S's new shit is soooo good. I can't stop playing Feel Better and Divided. I'm mad I semi-slept on them for a year! Latch got the crowd moving at AP during one of the intermissions. Everyone was singing the lyrics in unison. Some gangsta rapper recently sampled it on his mixtape as well.

    4 Set 3:08 Rispondi
  • jdotperiod

    I found JB via a simple Tumblr search a year or so ago. I've adapted so many of his outfits into my everyday wardrobe. I've been using those links you supplied w/ me as well. So much inspiration! There's a few menswear spots in BK that I plan on hitting up this weekend seeing that I'll be in town for my friend's birthday. Thanks for Parley D'Amour. I'll have to add him to my long list of 'must listen' acts. As far as more LA discoveries, have we discussed Liam Bailey, Milo + Otis, Bizzarah or Ty Segall? Two of the four were KCRW discoveries.

    2 Set 23:17 Rispondi
  • jdotperiod

    LL Cool J used Walking on Sunshine for his classic Jingling Baby: I have HTDW's first two. I grew to dig the second one, Total Loss, even tho it's very much a mood piece IMO. Disclosure has seemed to cross over into the mainstream seeing how I keep hearing Latch A WHOLE YEAR AND A HALF after it came out. LMAO. The Trp will reveal itself in time. I wouldn't be surprised if it's really just one guy and the whole 'group' is a an illusion. Stranger things have happened. LOL.

    2 Set 23:14 Rispondi
  • jdotperiod

    Jody sounded like a studio act, for real, during that performance. Perhaps, things didn't work out in NYC as he planned? Thanks for that Kitty Cash link! Arrgh, post-Afropunk, I've been discovering all this great new music. It's overwhelming! Funny, I finally gave Kilo Kish a chance and I have to say that I love 'Turquoise' f/ her K+ mixtape. JBIII should do more production, for real. I find Kilo's voice to be sexy in a strange way. Don't judge me! :) Aside from Chris Turner, I've also revisited Denitia and Sene. Wow, what a difference a year makes. I merely liked their 'his and hers' project when it came out but now, I'm slowly loving it. I also love their newer cuts (Divided, Feel Better, The Nude). I'm now mad I'm missed them at Sat.'s AP show! LOL.

    2 Set 23:11 Rispondi
  • JamesStayPaid

    Cool, thanks for that. I'll download them now. I didn't now Sun Ra had an autobiography either so I'l try and track that down. It's Janelle Monae's voice I can't get into when she does that sort of posh accent it just grates on me.

    2 Set 6:14 Rispondi
  • jdotperiod

    I'm the same way! I love hearing of the philosphy behind a lot of artists' work. It's fascinating. I'm finding myself really getting into Yahuda. It's a grower IMO. You know what? I also have the lurking suspicion that one of the members of The Trp is someone we already know. I swear the lead vocalist on Catching Fire sounds so familiar. I can't place my finger on dude's voice tho but I'm semi-positive I've heard it before. Thank you so much for those links!!! Very appreciated. Before, I just looked to SE and this guy:

    1 Set 13:38 Rispondi
  • jdotperiod

    Raury is signed to a major, I think, so his EP is probably similar to Nostalgia, Ultra and the like in that it's a showcase of his talents before "the real thing" (his major label debut). You'll like those '80s Brit soul-pop groups. I'd also add Central Line to that list. You've surely heard this jam before since it's been sampled a few times: Along w/ Jungle, I also saw a billboard for How To Dress Well's album. Both billboards were across the street f/ each other in a really hip neighborhood named Silver Lake. I saw a bunch of Disclosure posters up on the walls in Hollywood too.

    1 Set 13:35 Rispondi
  • jdotperiod

    I was equally confounded by Jody's EP which I actually purchased. Aside from Floodin', the rest just sounded like obscured vocals, slow 808s and reverb. LOL. What's the deal w/ that live performance tho? Were they lip syncing? Weird. Wow, so you have a connection to The GTW?? Small world! Perhaps, he's better as a solo artist. So, Michael T. does have a connection w/ them afterall. I wouldn't be surprised if Jody relocate to BK and join that SE scene since they follow the same aesthetic. Another SE affiliate who I'm getting back into is Chris Turner. Have you checked out his 'free' album?

    1 Set 13:31 Rispondi
  • JamesStayPaid

    I still need to explore the books and films (I've seen "Space Is The Pace" but that's it thus far) but the only artist I've found so far that I'm not into is Janelle Monae.

    1 Set 12:13 Rispondi
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