Review of Gloria Estefan's "Miss Little Havana" on The QH Blend


Ott 6 2011, 20:44

The QH Blend proudly unveils its review of the new Gloria Estefan album Miss Little Havana which dropped last week. Stop by and see why the album is cooking. Taste The Blend.-QH


  • discotequedude

    An excellent review! I agree with you! I have played both "gloria!" and "Miss Little Havana" back to back and they do compliment one another! I have always greatly appreciated her alligence to her roots. As someone who is lover of Latin music, it is a pleasure. I mainly skip the remixe of "Wepa" because the original is superior. "Let's Get Loud" is flat in comparision to the sleek yet rich and at times frantic energy of the album.

    Ott 25 2011, 2:44
  • MusiQ3985

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Nov 1 2011, 1:28
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