• 111111

    Nov 16 2008, 12:23

    WOHO :)

    this one was random, i didnt notice it til about 70 plays later (i used recent played to count back to the right number) but since i was playing my all over super playlist, the one with all the 900 best songs i have, it couldve been anyone and id be happy about it. SO:

    3 Doors Down - She Don't Want The World

    well :) its from their new album, maybe not the beeestest one, but definitely a really good one!

    ANYWAY, theres some big news! haha! Sister Hazel has moved up to take the first place in overall artists! after 3 years of The Used, Sister Hazel will reign for this time being. both being very close to 7000 plays these days, its a good way back to the other challengers. But if we look back over the last year we can see how this opportunity has presented itself for the Hazel guys. Looking at, for example, the last 12 months played we can see that the charts are dominated by Sister Hazel, while The Used are looking up quite a long way. Another reason to why this might have happened is that the Hazel boys have been quite busy making music, having at least the double amount of tracks compared to The Used. This means less of the same track when you feel like "oooh i wanna listen to Hazel", which means you can listen longer.

    I usually ramble on about numbers in these things, so i might as well get on with it already!

    As i said in the 99999 post this number is just a tiny bit off the regular interval, since its not 11111 plays since the previous, but 11112! but its also prolly the last one of this kind i will do, i mean its gonna take another 3 years and a half to get to 222222 which would be the next count. i have already started thinking about other counts that might happen in the future, but i wont give too much away... well, i might as well do some sort of calculation, so what kind do i choose this time..
    lets get some lastfm stats in here, from the group Stats!
    Okay, i found something thats somewhat interesting (well to me, i bet its dead boring to you), its something that calculates how much time youve spent listening to one single artist, estimated by that artists average track length. What you can see from this is that even though the difference in amount of plays between Hazel and Used is only about 20, it differs a whopping 4000 minutes in playtime! by doing some extremely simple calculations of my own i can say that Sister Hazel songs are about 30 seconds longer in average. You can clearly see what artists have long/short songs by this chart (it shows the original rank and the new one based on time) Joshua Radin for example have unusually short songs while The Decemberists have climbed up 3 ranks in comparison to the playcount.

    Maybe therell be a next count, maybe not...
  • 99999

    Lug 15 2008, 1:23

    At last :)

    i have to add that this is the last-fm beta count, normal last is only at 95! but i like the beta more so ill go with that one ^^

    its almost a bit sad, that this will be my last count with regular intervals (yeah yeah i know what youre thinking, 111 111, but if you do the math thats 11112 plays away..) so, in a way this is quite a special one, its also just one song away from the big 100k! :O haha yeah whatever 100k isnt that cool, 99 999 is way better..

    Gomez - See the World

    here we go. being quite the tv-show freak i watch a lot of House (amongst others..) and thats where i found this one :) as soon as it started playing in the show i was on the internet looking it up :P and as usual what im listening to the most at the moment ends up here!

    i figured this is the perfect time to squeeze in an OMG-3-years-at-last-journal cus its actually only like 2 weeks til that :) and over 100 000 plays in 3 years is kinda cool, since i do listen to most of it, its only a few "whops i left the comp on going to that party" thats not listening :P (ipod not counted i couldnt be bothered to fix it when it screwed up the first time :P ) aaaanyway now after 3 years im on to testing the beta which, as i already said, i like. looks way better and the layout is nice :) good job last-builders! ^^

    well well.. enough, im tired. gonatt...
  • 88888

    Apr 12 2008, 10:34

    hey i hit a new mark ^^ this time i actually chose the song cus ive been wating for it for like a week XP


    i was thinking what song id want for the 88888th, and i kinda figured it should be something i listen to a lot at the moment.. but then i just really felt like listening to this song (which is like their best one, along with #88887 A Walk Through Hell). well to be honest its a really weird song, and first time i heard it i didnt like it at all, thought it was the worst song on Punk Goes Acoustic 2 (cus thats where i found it). but then i listened again and gave it a fair chance and when ive gotten through half, and thinking that i should skip the rest, it turns right around and becomes incredibly awesome ^^

    Please take me out of my body
    Up through the palm trees
    To smell California in sweet hypocrisy
    Floating my senses surround my body
    I wake my nose to smell that ocean burn...

    turns out i actually like the first half of the song now that ive listened a bit


    im too sick of maths/statistics to do any of those calculations i usually do, so ill just stop right here
  • 77777

    Dic 4 2007, 16:44

    Wow, another one of these! :D

    Where do you go by Sister Hazel

    Today i noticed that theyve got 2 albums i hadnt noticed coming out :P Absolutely, which is the one featuring this song, and BAM!.. I never actually found any BAM!-songs but i got hold of a few Absolute ones, and this one is reeeaaallly good :) another nice album from these guys i suppose, i wish they would sell Hazel albums in sweden.. had to frickin get the two i actually have in London....

    Lately ive been listening to lots of stuff like Missy Higgins and Regina Spector and other female singer-songwriters.. Why?.. i dont know, its pretty good music, but maybe not what i usually listen to. had to level with some Used or Yellow a few times :P

    Soo.. i dont feel like studying (exam in 2 days), so ill just write tremendously interesting things here instead. Twas two and a half years ago i made this account and i looked through my old journals earlier today. There i noticed that these marks ive been placing every 11111 songs are much closer together in the early days (first year :P) i actually hit the 4th mark after about one year. Now, when its been 2.5 i still havent got to the 8th one. I didnt try to analyse where exactly the drop in listens occurred, lol funny word, only that this year's been slower than the last.

    Oh and i gotta say im going to see José González on the 16th :D

    enough of this, lets see how long it takes til 88888...
  • 66666

    Ago 8 2007, 16:44

    hell yes! :) thats alot of plays.. ^^

    well, i can say im happy with the song i got for this one, was actually playing some radom playlist with some random songs.

    Yellowcard - Dear Bobbie! :)

    this is like the sweetest song ever, and its so damn good it doesnt get lame either! next best track off their new album Paper Walls wich i did NOT download :P i actually waited til it came out, waited a bit more and then it just popped out of my mailbox one day, awesome really ^^ this is something i havent done before actually, i tend to download the music and then if i like it i might support the band by buying an album or two later on. :P

    oh, i ran a test, which i found through the Stats group, which checks how much your top 50 albums cost if you'd buy them on Amazon.. it hit 600$ and a few albums weren't found :P thats alot! and thats just the top 50.. *wonders how many albums he's got*... got 3400 songs, and an album's got, what, 12-16-ish on it.. lets go with 14. thats almost 250 CDs :P i wish i had them all ^^

    there was a time when all the music i had was on CDs.. twas stuff like Aqua, Smurfhits and.. what else.. E-Type.. Magnus Uggla even.. uuuh.. :P the days before you started sitting by the computer all day...

    Do you remember? I do.
  • New Albums

    Mag 23 2007, 22:19

    I can barely keep up anymore.. :P used, ffaf, yellow, cauterize... i mean i used to know when the albums came out but i guess i got too busy doing other stuff.. :/

    The Used - Lies For The Liars
    Awesome album! :) (last didnt find it :P )

    Punk Goes Acoustic 2
    Better album! :)
  • 55555

    Apr 27 2007, 19:27

    Finally hit that mark too! and this time i knew exactly which song it was, i could even tell you 55554 and 55553 if i wanted but nah...

    Sister Hazel - Everybody !

    which is a great song indeed, i mean its definitely one of their best ones :) though it doesnt mirror what ive actuallly been listening too lately (Fireflight and The Academy Is... - Santi) but hey its an awesome song! :)

    it took a while to go from 44444 to 55555 really.. i dont know why exactly but its been alot in school and stuff. anyway it took like twice as long as the time between any of the old magic numbers :P

    I just have to say one more thing. Project work handed in today, 45 pages of analytical crap and descriptions on how to analyse the beverage of life! one "little" report that counts for more than some whole courses. silly really...
  • The Red Hot Chili Peppres in Globen!

    Dic 14 2006, 22:24

    Red Hot Chili Peppers might be one of the best bands ever. no, their new album isnt as good as Californication but there are some good songs here too! :)

    and when these guys came to sweden there was no other option than to take the trip to the capital. i mean how often do you get to attend to such a concert? not often if you live in the northern parts of a country that's so small that its got as many inhabitants as any good sized city... :P

    15000 people i think i heard someone say. i'd guess 4-5000 of them had standing tickets. me and two of my friends had each one of those tickets too. standing in the middle of the arena it was hard to hold your place, we started out kinda close to the scene but there was some massive crowd preassure :P one guy even got beat to the ground just behind us during the support (which sucked by the way). but he had been a pain in the ass for a long time so i cant say i feel sorry for him.

    They played a ot of their older songs, Can't Stop was their first song for the evening and then it went on for about two hours :) imagine the roaring crowd when the intro of Californication rang through the big white globe. this was probably the best song, not forgetting Under the bridge, this one was absolutely awesome too! Snow (Hey Oh) was not bad either ;)

    well now, it wasn't a perfect concert i admit. they played too little off Californication, i would have liked to hear Otherside for example. and there was these jamming parts in the middle of everything when John Frusciante (guitarist) and Michael Peter "Flea" Balzary (bassist, this guy plays the bass as if it were a guitar, he is totally crazy :P) just do their thing and play for a while.. i didnt really appreciate this though i must admit they are good at what they do!

    biggest and best concert ive been to. hard to top this :)
  • 44444

    Ago 28 2006, 6:27

    So, just after the one year mark here comes the 44444 mark :)

    Jack Johnson - Dreams Be Dreams
    this time i knew which song it was ;) at least according to the counter and my recently played.

    I don't even know which song that is to tell the truth, but Jack Johnson is good :) he has some very fun songs! :P
    anyway what i'm listening to nowadays fits with the 44444-song, fun-and-happy-guitar-playing-singer-songwriters and the like ;P
  • About a year..

    Ago 2 2006, 22:20

    Right.. i'm bored at the moment so i figured i'd do something, and why not write here..

    it was a little more than a year ago that i started an account on this site, and now 43 000 songs later it has changed a lot! i like the new site for the record, much better design.
    The Used are on the top of my overall played list followed by Yellowcard about a thousand plays behind.

    well anyway as the Naturare (swedish slang) i am, i thought i might calculate and write some numbers down.

    ive listened to 10 songs by The Used per day in average, as well as a little more than three by Ra.

    43015/52=827 that would be per week..
    827/7=118 per day..
    118/24=5 per hour.. since one song is approximately 4 minutes long and the fact that i listen to 5 per hour, that makes 20 minutes of every hour for a year.. now that is a third of the past year listening to music.. well i do other things at the same time of course but it's still a lot.. i mean i sleep too! :P well sometimes i dont turn the music off when i go to sleep but that doesnt happen often.

    right so that's it.. maybe i'll do this next year too and see the difference..