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Thomas BergersenSonera 16 Ago 0:12
Thomas BergersenSonera 15 Ago 23:55
Thomas BergersenSonera 15 Ago 23:50
Thomas BergersenRemember Me 15 Ago 23:46
Thomas BergersenImmortal 15 Ago 23:41
Thomas BergersenHomecoming 15 Ago 23:38
Thomas BergersenFemme Fatale 15 Ago 23:34
Thomas BergersenPromise 15 Ago 23:29
Thomas BergersenMerchant Prince 15 Ago 23:26
Thomas BergersenA Place in Heaven 15 Ago 23:22
Thomas BergersenRada 15 Ago 23:18
Thomas BergersenGift of Life 15 Ago 23:14
Thomas BergersenOcean Princess 15 Ago 23:11
Thomas BergersenHurt 15 Ago 23:09
Thomas BergersenDreammaker 15 Ago 23:05
Thomas BergersenStarvation 15 Ago 23:01
Thomas BergersenAura 15 Ago 22:53
VangelisGardens of Delight 15 Ago 22:49
VangelisEastern Path 15 Ago 22:46
VangelisRoxane's Dance 15 Ago 22:42
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  • Clackers

    Hi Tommy. I was meaning to ask, do you know of any decent video game scores released this year? I know there's a new Assassin's Creed game in November, but anything else that has a 'must-listen' score?

    16 Ago 12:34 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    Sorry for the delay, but yeah I agree with you that the 2 $pielberg movies will certainly be something to look forward to as well as JW's scores. Looking forward to the Hobbit trailer, I think we can expect it at Comic Con now, but I wouldn't bet my house on it haha. I don't know much about Price's Fury, but I will surely give it a listen, as I liked many parts of Gravity.

    23 Giu 14:28 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    And we still have Transformers 4, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to come yet. Not to mention The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies! 2014 is shaping up to be the best year for scores since 2012.

    13 Giu 11:39 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    HTTYD2 is indeed amazing. After the first few lessons, I think it doesn't grab me as much as the first score, but I think it is still slightly better than Maleficent and Godzilla as the best of 2014 so far. BTW, what did you think of Pompeii? The first track is amazing, but the rest of the score is blah...and I can hear some of Klaus Badelt's He's A Pirate in some cues, which is a bit annoying.

    13 Giu 11:36 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    WOW can't believe its taken you almost 6 years to discover Slumdog Millionaire! It did win the Oscar that year for best score, so its not that obscure, but I know what you mean. Rahman is not ever going to be mainstream in the UK or Europe/ India however, he is huge ;) Mausam & Escape is one of my most played ever tracks here on I love it. Don't know many of his other scores though, might have to try out that new one.

    1 Giu 16:35 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    Hi there Tommy, good to hear from you again! Interesting ratings you mention - I think I could agree with Godzilla being 4.5...I do really like it. One of Desplat's best. Many people wondered what he would do with a true action epic (not including Deathly Hallows), and I think he proved he was the right one for the job! What I liked about Noah was that it had amazing depth to it, and many of the cues are good listens on their own - but it helps that I loved the film! And yeah, I was very disheartened with Captain America 2. Can't believe they replaced Silvestri, he had a fun score on the first movie, thank god he's still scheduled for Avengers 2 I think.

    1 Giu 16:33 Rispondi
  • London1993

    hello! thanks for add! ur library's amazing! only classic music... better ;)

    16 Mar 13:38 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    Didn't like Jack Ryan at all. One of the least interesting Doyle scores I have heard. Shame, as I always look forward to his scores. Anyway, I am wondering what you think of Edward Shearmur's Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow from 2004? Have you listened to it yet? It is a little OTT in film noir style and noise, but it has some amazing themes. It is one of my most played scores here on apparently. The Flying Wings Attack is one of the best action cues I have ever heard.

    28 Gen 10:15 Rispondi
  • Synesthesis

    Hello, my friend ! I want to invite you to listen my own music (progressive ambient, atmospheric, movie score inspirated ) Thank you very much for your support. Best wishes, Majo.

    16 Gen 16:08 Rispondi
  • mattlazear

    That's a nice avatar, min vän.

    2 Gen 22:18 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    Are you aware of any publication online that has detailed the scene of the DOS movie and its corresponding cue on the score? I would love to read along as I listen. In particular, where was Thrice Welcome and A Spell of Concealment used?

    26 Dic 2013 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    I wanted to ask you about one of the track titles...My Armor is Iron. Are you sure this is the correct title? LOTR has never used American spellings before, seems very out of place to me.

    30 Nov 2013 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    How was the Book Thief? Always interested in a new JW score. I have it myself but have not listened yet. On another note, have you heard clips of Shore's DOS score yet? If the excerpts were real, then I have heard some snippets, and I think it will be an improvement over AUJ!

    12 Nov 2013 Rispondi
  • Slayerrrr_88

    Hey! How Are You? What You Think About New Scores? Please, tell Me. Can I Ask You for some recommendation? Have a Nice Day and enjoy music! :)

    12 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    Bit random, but I wanted to say that Zimmer's 160BPM from Angels & Demons could easily be one of the best cues ever. So powerful! Shame the rest of the score doesn't come close to it. I also listened to Rush - and I think it is Zimmer's best score since Inception. Very impressive, and I am a big F1 fan too, so that was a bonus ;)

    11 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    I thought Captain Phillips was 'meh', I kinda knew it wouldn't be anything special. I still think the film will be exciting, but as a standalone score, it was not easy listening. Now, Parkland I actually liked to an extent. Again, nothing amazing, but it is a very mature work from JNH, and unlike any other score of his I remember, as I think I only listen to his action/fantasy/sci-fi stuff. Currently catching up with my Ice Age scores, haven't listened to them in ages. Some of JoPo's best work there. And I can't wait for How to Train Your Dragon 2 next year! A sequel to one of my top 3 scores of all-time is certainly something to look forward to!

    10 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • futchadoc

    You have such lovely taste in music :) What is your favorite composer or score, if you had to pick?

    26 Set 2013 Rispondi
  • Clackers

    Jobs was 'meh' to me. It tries hard to be another Social Network, but fails. Always nice to hear some new Debney (still no Yogi Bear released) but that one was not one of his stronger efforts.

    28 Ago 2013 Rispondi
  • alizy

    synd! det var sjukt fett, särskilt med utomhuskonsert... och de spelade the breaking of the fellowship. galna rysningar haha :) jaaa, bli medlem!

    18 Ago 2013 Rispondi
  • alizy

    du! ett tips om du bor nära göteborg! filmmusik-konsert imorgon:

    16 Ago 2013 Rispondi
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