Autumn Is Upon Us


Set 26 2010, 19:44

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There's a motionless chill in the air. A little eerie atmosphere has been moving in the past couple of evenings, riding in on relatively cool, crisp breezes. The windows of the house have been open all day, a first since the blunt coolness of Spring gave way to the hot, dog-breath days of the past Summer. An eagerness swims around my brain like a dog in a lake and I hope that this eagerness doesn't completely ruin it all. I'll take the chance and say it aloud and write it down: Autumn is finally here.

Autumn has to be my favorite season and I think I say that when each season comes, but I truly mean it with Autumn. There's a distinct feel and smell. The air is cool and brisk, making you pick up your walking pace just a slight notch from your Summer Slumpin'. Something about this season just makes specific music even better, like this one season is the reason for a lot of bands existence. There is an atmosphere that is simultaneously heart-warming and homey yet also eerie and creepy. Any season that uses the same thing to make yummy pies and to decorate with scary faces is Tops in my book.

Dia de los Muertos.

Really, there is no other season that gets me more excited to listen to certain bands. I love Queens of the Stone Age all year long, but something about Autumn just maximizes their creepy, Hitchcock thriller atmosphere. Not to mention Mark Lanegan's vocals are the personification of the whole damn season. IF that isn't enough you still have Hallo-freakin-ween and all those trashy, Grade A spooky bands that somehow turn into the Beatles a couple months out of the year (shout out to The Cramps). Plus, you have a valid reason for watching all those B horror movies that 3/4 of the year are only reserved by professed movie nerds (like myself).

Anyway, I digress because I'm losing my whole point for making this journal. Anybody have any favorite songs they like to play especially during Fall weather? I've been teaching myself guitar since May and am finally to the point where what I'm playing actually sounds like a song. I was curious what songs some other guitarists like to play to get in the Autumn/Halloween mood?

So far I've come up with a couple of the usual suspects:
The Cramps - I Was A Teenage Werewolf
Bobby Pickett - Monster Mash

That's all I can think of for now. I know all the basic chords and am just now starting to get F down (little bastard of a chord), so anything that is beginner level or has a little bit of difficulty would be cool.


  • jcjohnson63

    try i walked with a zombie by the 13th floor's G,Em,C,D,G. the lyrics are.....i walked with a zombie, i walked with a zombie, i walked with a zombie last night! and that's it! i have the song on a halloween compilation from little steven's underground garage and can play along with it! found this on chordie .com where i look for songs.

    Set 27 2010, 2:40
  • jcshepard

    The F chord hates me. I know it's personal. I certainly have a groove come winter time (ie Haggard & If We Make It Thru December") but fall, I don't know. Maybe fore me a harvest feel, the square dance reels and hot fiddle jigs; songs made for the perfect excuse to ask that pretty young gal to dance and hold her tight and hope for a better day. You don't do that in the heat of summer time, but the cool autumn breeze is made for such things.

    Set 27 2010, 14:24
  • jcjohnson63

    the F chord hates those of us who dare to use our first initials as jc. cuz i hate it back!!!! lol :)

    Set 27 2010, 17:09
  • MrModernRock

    Ack: I'm probably the one that gave you that Kim Lenz track. Its definitely one of my favorites but I haven't really started learning how to tab stuff out myself, so hopefully I can find it randomly on the interwebz. My Morning Jacket feels more like a late Winter/early Spring band to me for some reason. I definitely agree with you about The Band. I think the F chord hates everybody, at least those of us who are learning/have learned on acoustic. It seems almost impossible to barre those 6 strings on the first fret. Ugh. Its weird, though. I'm starting with the "small" F chord, but I'm having more success barring the first 3 strings rather than just barring the first two. Go figure.

    Set 28 2010, 13:46
  • BillStrange

    Good column.

    Set 29 2010, 3:22
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