Bands similar to At the Drive-In?


Ott 22 2005, 7:24

Because 198d simply and plainly 0wnz!1



  • deepfriedmario

    Have you heard of their new bands - Sparta and the Mars Volta?

    Ott 22 2005, 10:41
  • MrLaminar

    Not really. I have 4 ATDI albums and I wish there were more :) I dig their sound, so I'm looking for something similar. With english lyrics if possible. Thanks for the recommendations!

    Ott 22 2005, 11:04
  • Schrollum

    definitely Cursive! I *love* The Mars Volta but in my opinion Cursive comes closer to the ATDI sound than TMV. Check both of them out though

    Ott 29 2005, 22:06
  • arpho

    Sparta's more like ATDI than the Mars Volta are. But I totally agree with that previous comment - ATDI fans should check out Cursive.

    Apr 10 2007, 10:44
  • Nexlev

    Check Out Meet Me In St. Louis, Million Dead, Spy Versus Spy, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Mutiny On The Bounty.

    Lug 23 2009, 4:04
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