My top 10 Guns N' Roses songs 2012/05/12


Mag 11 2012, 23:21

1. Paradise City [Appetite for Destruction]
2. Estranged [Use Your Illusion II]
3. November Rain [Use Your Illusion I]
4. Civil War [Use Your Illusion II]
5. You Could Be Mine [Use Your Illusion II]
6. Anything Goes [Appetite For Destruction]
7. Get in the Ring [Use Your Illusion II]
8. Mr. Brownstone [Appetite For Destruction]
9. Nightrain [Appetite For Destruction]
10. Pretty Tied Up [Use Your Illusion II]

*Note: I've never listened to Chinese Democracy.


  • Tim-Tim-TRIMS

    GET IN THE RING!!! Nice top 10~!

    Mag 12 2012, 6:41
  • luisehc

    Pretty good. I like it. I would raise civil war a couple of places, just that.

    Lug 20 2012, 22:34
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