Raining Music


Mag 4 2012, 20:59

Walking in the rain felt good this morning. I got soaked but I had a cleansing feeling inside and out. My face dripped with the raindrops as they streaked down my face. The mountains were hidden behind a floating mist that moved ghostly among the aura of new fluorescent leaves of many colors. The rain smells of earth’s newness of growth all around me as the drops tap me with memories of camping; the sounds of drops striking the drenched tent mingle in my pleasant thoughts.

I watch as a sudden stream of water comes toward me with a foam head from collecting salty sand on the roadside leading the way. It slithers on with stretched out fingers finding its path rolling over and around all obstacles to find its unknowing destination; as we all do in life. It is witty how nature mimics our lives with its own. And we go on.

I go on to hear the geese seemingly loving the day as they fly over head and land close by on the new pond created this year by the beaver in the field that is now a bit smaller. It holds much new life there now. At night I hear a gurgling hum as the peepers and frogs enlighten me with their tales. I stand quite and listen to its loud volume and feel it almost vibrate. An owl almost always hoots in as a most welcome sound and I sometimes call back when I have the time to stand in the darkness alone in the night. The Barred Owl and I can keep it going as the pond sounds seem to simmer down as I seem to be part of the nature around me.

Last night the tree line was silhouetted against the indigo blue of the starless sky and gave me an eerie feel as I pushed on in the darkness in front of me. I saw many shapes shifting into familiar images among the branches. A large bird was perched with its head tilled to see me, but as I watched it, it disappeared as my footsteps took me further into the misty night. I see a bear in a dark massed stump and then movement as my eyes see it coming toward me. A wet nose greets me and we walk together on the wet earth leaving the memory of us behind. My dog Sister shakes off some droplets and we enter our little stone house and let our dreams take us everywhere.


  • samiyam333

    good morning!

    Mag 7 2012, 13:29
  • MountainBear58

    Yes it was!

    Mag 7 2012, 14:20
  • MountainBear58

    You are VERY Welcome! I hope you get to catch all the blue drops of music showered within... : )

    Mag 7 2012, 15:30
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