First Line Game - Yes Yes :P


Nov 4 2009, 0:39

1. I drive alone, home from work and I always think of her
2. I wanna be in another place, some other body and someone's else's face
3. Come over to the window, my little darling - I'd like to try to read your palm
4. You'd think the people would have had enough of silly love songs
5. JoJo was a man who thought he was an loner, but knew it couldn't last
6. When I was young, I'd listen to the radio waiting for my favourite songs
7. I feel tears wellin' up, cold and deep inside like my heart's sprung a big leak
8. Honestly what will become of me? Don't hide reality, it's way too clear to me
9. And through the wire I hear your voice, and through the wire I touch the power
10. Wake up you sleepy head, put on some clothes, shake off your bed
11. It isn't the way that you look and it isn't the way that you talk
12. In my eyes, in disposed, in disguise:as no one knows
13. She plays "Wipeout" on the drums, the squirrels and the birds come
14. Cause he gets up in the morning and he goes to work at 9
15. Baby, baby when I look at you I get a warm feeling inside
16. Back through the years I go wandering once again, back to the seasons of my youth
17. They were gonna meet on a Rocky Mountain street, two bashful heart beat in advance
18. I can feel it when you walk, even when you talk it takes over me
19. Got a wife and kids in Balitmore jack, I went out for a ride and I never went back
20. You're trying to make your mark in society, you're using all your tricks that you used on me
21. Don't get mad if I'm laughing - blame the caffeine for all the 5 AM phone calls
22. This year's crop of kisses don't seem as sweet to me, this year's crop just misses what kisses used to be
23. When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do is take a look at you then I'm not so blue
24. The fishing boats go out across the evening water, smuggling guns and arms across the Spanish border
25. Well my time went so quickly, I went lickity-a-splickly out to my ol' 55.
26. Please beware of them that stare, they'll only smile to see you while your time away
27. I don't want nobody always sittin' around - me and my man
28. Someday he'll come along - the man I love - and he'll be big and strong, the man I love
29. I`m young enough to still see the passionate boy that I used to be
30. Meet you downstairs in the bar and heard your rolled up sleeves in your skull T-shirt

Al Stewart
Amy Winehouse
Aretha Franklin
The Beatles
Ben Folds Five
Billy Joel
Bruce Springsteen
Camper Van Beethoven
Chaka Khan
David Bowie
Dolly Parton
Dusty Springfield
George Jones
Hot Hot Heat
The Kinks
Lena Horne
Leonard Cohen
The Monkees
Nelly Furtado
Nick Drake
Nina Simone
Paul McCartney
Paul Westerberg
Peter Gabriel
Phil Collins
Tom Waits
Tony Banks


  • DerekBowie

    10. Oh! You Pretty Things - David Bowie 26. Things Behind the Sun - Nick Drake

    Nov 5 2009, 7:10
  • scottindeed

    5. Get Back - The Beatles

    Nov 6 2009, 16:09
  • Funkyshoe

    14. A Well Respected Man - the Kinks

    Nov 6 2009, 20:27
  • RedRainRaven

    *sigh* I find this journal through the TB page on here and think 'ZOMG SOMEBODY WROTE ABOUT TB!!!' XD Then I realized it was just you. 4. is PM - Silly Love Songs

    Mar 23 2010, 21:35
  • MoonlitSea

    I am very disappointed that you did not get 2, 9 or 23, RedRainRaven!

    Mar 23 2010, 21:44
  • madwomanmoon

    2. I Wanna Change The Score - Tony Banks 9. And Through The Wire - Peter Gabriel

    Giu 5 2010, 3:40
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