• soup

    Nov 28 2007, 3:46

    for many years, this planet has been under constant surveillance and observation, unknown forces have been responsible for producing strange and unusual phenomenon, a shroud of secrecy engulfs the ufo mystery, to date many thousands of ufo sightings are still unexplainable. perhaps what this planet really needs is something that will jolt us out of our self centered, selfish outlook on life in general, but time will tell. time is yet to be conquered by man but when the time is right, perhaps the greatest revelation of all time will dawn upon us.

    yes my friends, this might very well be the year, this could be the day, the day that no military power, government or otherwise will be able to keep the secret of the saucers from the human family on this: the third planet from the sun. until then, keep looking up, search the heavens, be alert at all times, and remember truth has a habit of marching on.
  • surf rock

    Nov 6 2006, 0:11

    I really like surf rock, sooo good, mostly been listening to The Tornadoes followed by The Trashmen,Dick Dale : )I'd like to find some more though.I did a big road trip to the west coast in my beatle over the summer(amazed it made it there and back so well) went for 3 weeks, had a blast! thanks in part to a great soundtrack that included these three every time I listen to these bands in particular it takes me back to warm sea air, good food, and great times : D