Soundtrack to my life


Ago 22 2007, 14:10

I found this on my computer, not sure where it came from.

This is the soundtrack to your life. Put your media player on shuffle and answer the questions.

Opening Credits:
Open Your Eyes by Stream of Passion. I find this title very fitting.

Waking Up:
Crash by Papa Roach. Hmmm, no gentle wake up call I see.

Falling in Love:
The Tourist by Radiohead. I’m going to fall in love with a tourist? But…I hate tourists, because they’re always in the way.

Smut scene:
I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor by Arctic Monkeys. I find this amusing for some reason.

Fight scene:
Duck and Run by 3 Doors Down. Ah, very fitting.

Breaking up:
I Want You Back by The Kooks. I don’t find this very…appropriate.

Getting back together:
All In The Family by Korn. What?! This tourist I’ve been dating is family?!?! Oh crap….

Secret Love:
Gasoline by Seether. Yeah, I can see this……not.

Life's okay:
Hover(Quiet Mix) by Trust Company. I love this song, but it is kind of depressing.

Mental breakdown:
Purify by Metallica. This totally could work.

Still Running by Chevelle. Yeah, that would work, I guess.

New Shoes by Paolo Nutini.

Zzyxz Rd. by Stone Sour. The parties I attend must be very depressing. Dude…I love Stone Sour, but this is NOT a party song.

Happy dance:
Ooh by Scissor Sisters. That’s more like it.

Breaking Down by Trust Company.

Long night alone:
Lovin’ Whiskey by Anouk. I’m just wallowing in self pity, aren’t I?

Death scene:
Needles by Seether. Does this imply that I OD’d?

Ending credits:
Time to Go by Dropkick Murphys. Very fitting…and how nice it is to end on a happy note.


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