number thirty-two. hello there!


Lug 12 2009, 13:34

not blogged here for quite sometime. guess i've had other things going on.

anyway here i am having a ramble about musicy goodness.

going to see You Animals tomorrow at The Old Blue Last for one of their single launch dates. i have seen them many times as Komakino but never as You Animals so am really looking forward to it as i always enjoyed Komakino so much as a live band. i am very aware though that that was then and this is now and that the band have changed and moved on... - MySpace

heard Ellie Goulding on the Huw Stephens show quite some time ago now and fell in love, what Huw had actually played was the Jakwob Remix of Starry Eyed but i gave the original a listen and really love it, i think it'll be my summer track. this girl deserves to be big... she has just put up a 'new' track on her myspace called Swimming Pool and is equally as beautiful - MySpace

after od'ing on Lykke Li (both before and during the release of Youth Novels) i have gone back to playing her reguarly... again and again. Little Bit is probably going to end up as one of my favourite songs, i just don't seem to tire.

this weekend i am off to 2000 Trees, am a bit gutted that both Frank Turner and Blood Red Shoes have pulled out (particuarly the latter) but spose it'll just be nice being at a festival...British Sea Power should be good and I am kinda looking forward to Dananananaykroyd and if I am honest Fightstar are a bit of guilty pleasure, and yes, it is purely cos it's 'Charlie from Busted'.

well i'll stop rambling now... bit i really must come back soon, keep this updated...


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