• Eurotrip and Neverender

    Dic 5 2008, 17:51

    So I finally arrived from Europe yesterday. I had a blast and loved the old continent. It sucks being back to Brazil but that is real life.
    I loved Munich and if I were able to learn German I´d even consider living there. Paris was great but I am not so sure if I´d like to live there. Now when I arrived in London was awesome. I felt like in US with a Brit accent lol. All the junk food I love and miss can be found there. Not to mention Indian and Thai.
    As planned I met Luke, long time e-friend, and he took me to a (lost) tour around Piccadilly in search to the Astoria and the pub we were supposed to meet up with other people next day. After like 1 hr or so wandering around, we couldn´t not find any of the places and I was glad when we finally entered in a pub cause I was all cold and wet.
    Next day was the big day: Neverender SSTB. I went to the pub and met a whole bunch of my Coheed forum friends. We went to the queue and I waited for Ian who had bought tickets for me as I could not get them in Brazil. He was very gracious and actually gave me the tix as a gift cause I had traveled long ways just to see Coheed. We got inside the Astoria and waited for like 1 hr or so till the concert started. Honestly I almost cried when it started as I didn´t think I´d ever seen Coheed again plus the emotion of being at a concert (one of my fav things in life) and the fact I was in London surrounded by some awesome people I only knew from the Internet. The last 2 times I had seen Coheed live were kinda bleh. One was at the A7X tour, where they played for the first time in arenas and I much rather see Coheed in a small venue. The last time had been right after Josh and Mic had left the band and the techs took their places. That was a sad concert as we could see how much Claudio and Travis were down, plus Mic has always been my fav member and not having him on stage was sad. So there I was in the Astoria seeing Coheed for the 12th time! They were awesome. So much energy and they were really enjoying themselves. Claudio, who in the previous 11 shows I had seen barely spoke, was very talkative and into it. Now let me tell you: Chris Pennie, what an awesome drummer. Granted I dig Josh´s personality, Chris brought to Coheed some heaviness I had never heard before. Best Everything Evil ever. I was in awe. The whole concert was perfect and in the end they granted us with an unexpected encore and then we had IKSSE. IKSSE is a very powerful live song and every time I see it I get goose bumps. Amazing singing along song!
    Concert ended and a few of us went back to the pub. I much needed a night out. After we closed the pub we started looking for another place to go. I ended up with 2 crazy drunk brits, walking around Piccadilly. London is amazing cause I am sure you can party 7 days a week. We ended up in some nightclub (tourist trap for sure). Ghetto place filled with skanky looking women. Then to Burger King where I found out Fanta is risque (lol inside jk). We were heading back to the hostel when we got dragged into another club that turned out to be a gay place. Music was cool as usual in such places. The night ended up for me at 7 am hahaha.
    Tuesday was the most anticipated day for me (and most fans) cause IKSSE:3 is most fan´s fav. We were all hanging out at the pub when someone who had been waiting in the queue came back to say the concert had been cancelled. We were all like: WTF?!?!?!?!. Turned out there was an accident where some worker cut through some power line and died (or was seriously injured not sure). Many people came to me and hugged me saying they were very sorry cause I had came all the way from Brazil and was gonna miss my fav album played live. That almost made me cry but I held up. It was a big let down for the fans. I was not the only one who traveled and spent a shitload of money to be there and many people weren´t sure if they´d be able to go to the show on Friday. The best pain relief for most: booze! I don´t think that pub had seen such a busy Tuesday night in a long time. Man, Brits can drink!!! I couldn´t even finish my pint of pear cider (alcohol free)...too much liquid! I was surprised at how fast they can drown a pint. After the pub we followed to some club were they played emo rock music. The DJ managed to play a few Coheed tracks and the crowd went nuts. It was a fun going away party.
    Next day I had to catch the tube to go to the airport and then to Paris to catch my flight back to Rio. So I missed the signing and the opportunity to say good bye to a lot of the people I met. It was good leaving without many good byes or I´d be sad. I was really pissed for not having planned to stay the whole week but I had obligations back to work. Such a shame! I think I´d have missed IKSS nonetheless as I´d probably have booked to leave on Friday and I´d be pissed even more.
    After all I didn´t make lucky 13 Coheed concert...maybe some other time. I do have a deal with Scott to rent a mini-van and catch as many TOOL concerts in Europe next time they tour. We shall see..sounds like a great plan.

    Cobalters in front of the Astoria after the show was canceled:
  • Muse @ Vivo Rio 7/30/08

    Lug 31 2008, 16:32

    So I finally had my first concert in 08 and let me tell you it was a great one: MUSE! Honestly I´ve never thought they´d make to this forgotten land...I hope this opens door for other bands I still miss on my list: HEY PORCUPINE TREE, OCEANSIZE and PURE REASON REVOLUTION, why not a Brazilian tour????

    Anyway, after a long day at work I made my journey to Rio. It was my first time alone there. Not bad at all. I had bought my tix online, which turned out great cause people who were picking up tix could enter avoiding the line. I got there in time to see half set (THANK GOD) of the opener Jay V whatever (I won´t bother looking up his name). I had never listened to his music but sucks anyway. Luckly the torture was short and the set change was quick. Muse got on stage at about 10:40ish. Just like the last time I saw them they started with Knights of Cydonia after the intro. I was hoping for the goose bumps all over my body I felt last time but it didn~t happen. I was right in front of Matt (great spot) but them people started jumping like crazy and I decided it was not worth stay there and moved to the back (I was in the VIP section) where I could see all 3 musicians way better.

    After U2 in 98 this was my first concert in Brazil. I was amazed to see how everyone was singing along, way more than most of the concerts I saw in US. That was cool and annoying at the same time as people´s voice and clapping (at very incovenient moments sometimes) muffled Matt´s voice. I´ve heard the acoustic at Vivo is not the best so that might have helped to the not so great sound. Last time I saw Muse was at Inland Invasion in San Bernardino in a big amphitheater. I was way in the back but the sound and the lights...OMG THE LIGHTS, were amazing. I am not sure if this new tour stage has less light production or if they just didn´t bring the whole set up to SA.

    The setlist was as follows (thanks to musepress blog as I suck memorizing setlists):

    Intro - Dance Of The Knights
    01 - Knights Of Cydonia
    02 - Hysteria + The Groove*
    03 - Dead Star
    04 - Map Of The Problematique + Outro
    05 - Supermassive Black Hole
    06 - Butterflies And Hurricanes
    07 - Sunburn
    08 - Jazz Intro + Feeling Good
    09 - Osaka Jam
    10 - Invincible**
    11 - New Born + Riff 1 + Riff 2
    12 - Starlight
    13 - Bossa Nova Intro*** + Time Is Running Out
    14 - Plug In Baby (giant ballons were thrown at the crowd)
    15 - Stockholm Syndrome + Riff 1 + Riff 2 + Riff 3
    16 - Take A Bow

    *About 2 min of Jam Session
    **half tone lower.
    ***Perhaps some composition by Villa-Lobos.

    Ahhh when they threw the ballons at the crowd was fun and as they exploded there was paper rain.

    In spite of being alone I had a great time as I always do at most concerts. I go to concerts for the music and not hang out, so being alone is cool as I can completely focus on the music.

    Getting a cab back home was once again an adventure but at least the driver didn´t rip me off like the last one in Buenos Aires. I made home at about 1 ish with a huge headache :(

    I hope this one is the first of many concerts in Rio...PORCUPINE TREE do you hear me????

    PS: I didn´t get goose bumps this time but I almost cried during Invincible...it was a very emotional moment to me.
  • King Of Pain

    Dic 6 2007, 15:16

    Here I have a short vid from King of Pain I shot at the concert. It is out of focus cause I got too excited when the music started and had a hard time getting the cam out of my purse hahaha. I also didn't want to film the whole thing cause is my fav song and I wanted to sing along so was hard to stand still. You guys can get the idea though. I also have a much better quality one from part of Wrapped Around Your Finger but is over 100MB and I don't know any place where I can upload stuff bigger than that nor how to make it short. So suggestions are welcome ;)

  • The Police

    Dic 5 2007, 17:27

    So I finally went to my first real gig in almost a year since I moved back to this forgotten land. I had to drag my ass all the way to Buenos Aires to see The Police but it was totally worth. Plus I loved the city :) Good times, lots of eating, walking, shopping and laughs.

    We had VIP field tix, which makes life so much easier. Beck was the opener and scheduled to play at 7:30. We got there around 7:20. There was no line to enter on our section. I found a bit weird they didn't search our purses (in US is so different) and also the security guys were hitting on me. When we entered the door we were told to go through, one guy came and said we were in the wrong area but he could show me the right one however we could get "lost" inbetween...wtf is wrong with the Argentineans??? No respect whatsoever...

    We walk straight to the side of the stage and got a spot very close to the rail on the left side, which luckily was were Sting turned out to be. Beck started playing like a min later. It was cool but since I don't really know his music I didn't get too excited. He played for about 1 hr. At 9:30, as was stated on the ticket, The Police came out. They played the same set list they've been playing all tour with all the big hits. Sting is in awesome shape. He was wearing a gold bracelet to die for :) Stewart Copeland impressed me very much when during Wrapped Around Your Finger and later on King of Pain (my fav) he came out from the bottom of the stage on top of an awesome percussion kit and later on jumped back to the drums. Sting seemed to be a bit sick since he blew his nose many times during the set. He had a little Hindu style bench by his side with a cup, which I assume had tea, and some spray for the throat. Nonetheless he was flawless and at some parts he kept the notes for so long till the point he became almost purple :)

    The bad part of the history was to get back to town. We didn't really have a plan nor knew the area. We thought we could easily get a cab after the show. Turned out there were a few cabs but they were charging double + of the price the trip would normally cost. Since we didn't have another way to go back we ended up paying 45 pesos for a 20 pesos trip. The driver was nuts, and I think most of the taxi drivers there were, He ran all the red lights including on some huge ass intersections and at one point even on the wrong lane. Freak the shit out of me. We made safely to Puerto Madero though, where I had a huge plate of some fancy noodles with shrimp and prawns. When the night was almost over I almost got kissed against my will by some other crazy dude. Some people really don't know where to stop.

    I'd totally go back to BA to see another concert as it is safer and cheaper than go to São Paulo or Riot. What would be next?

    Truth is I really love being on the road...

    Here some pics...I took about 80 shots but since I am a mediocre photographer those were the good ones. Most were blurry or out of focus :S

    2 Dec. 07
    River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina