absolutely amazing growling absolutely cool sympho absolutely perfect doom alternative progressive metal art rock atmospheric atmospheric beautiful funeral atmospheric doom metal avant-garde awesome sympho core beasty doom metal beautiful beautiful atmosphere beautiful extreme doom metal black metal blues doom metal briiii call this music candlegoaty chaotic doom completely organic cool cool drive instrumental dark ambient darkwave death doom metal death metal death-doom metal deathprogdance doom metal drive drive doom drone drone ambient drooony doom dull electronic exellent growling expressive solos extreme doom female fronted funeral doom funeral doom metal groovy happy atmospheric heavy metal histeria hysterical metal in some way stylish industrial metal instrumental interesting keyboard virtuoso killing love it makes one think marine funeral doom math metal miserable sharon no good live noise noisy norwegian rhytmical metal nu art metal oh how i love evoken oh no i hear david tibet go away post rock doom pretty cool brutal meeetoooaaaaaal progressive progressive death metal progressive metal progressive rock progressive surgery psychedelic riffs in reverse shape of despair alike she must have been high sludge sludge khanate smth and smth and smth again so many years we used to be craaaap soooo accusative stoner metal strange atmospheric horrifying core stylish sweet timbre symphonic tech electronica tell me how much touchy tr00 vocalists true funny black meeeetooooaaaal true horror ktulhu doom uuuuting zzze uuut very brutal and scary uuuuuuuu very nice alternative wth evanescence like wth learning to live wth puritania yeeeeeh that is cool