Bill O'Reilly To Bernie Goldberg: 'That's Ice Cube, Not Ice-T' (VIDEO)


Gen 19 2012, 6:03

Bill O'Reilly knows his Rappers.

In what seemed to be a conversation about race, conservative pundit and Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg held up a photo of himself with famed rapper Ice Cube.

Goldberg said, "Here's a picture of Ice-T, one of the iconic figures in Black Culture and music—"

"That's Ice Cube, that's not Ice-T," O'Reilly interrupted. Goldberg insisted that it was Ice-T, but O'Reilly continued to correct him.

"That's just how White you are, Bernie. You don't know Ice-T from Ice Cube...I'm a brother man, you can't be doing that to me. I know the Cubes from the Ts."


Ice-T had a rather caustic response to the conversation.
RT @melvedya:Comment?:Bill O'Reilly boasts about knowing diff btwn rappers Ice-T and Ice Cube, proclaims:"I'm a brother, man."/FUCK O'Reilly
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