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Mag 27 2011, 17:10

If you haven’t experienced it yet, Google Music Beta is pretty awesome and was recently released to an undisclosed number of people as a trial beta period. Happy enough, I was one of those who got an early beta invitation and started developing scripts right away. One of the features I find crucial in any music players is the ability to Scrobble, and thus the reason for this script. So here you have it, brand new and released a couple days into the Google Music Beta. Keep in mind this is a growing project, and will grow with the same feature list on my Amazon Cloud Player version.

Software Requirements

Installation Directions

  1. If you’re using Firefox you’ll fist need to install Greasemonkey if you haven’t already. If you’re using Google Chrome you’re already set.

  2. Download/Install my script* into Greasemonkey or Chrome by following the simple prompts (You may need to restart your browser!).

  3. Go to your Google Music Player.

  4. In the top right next to Settings, Sign out, and Help you should now see “ Requires Authentication.” Click on this and grant access to my script to Scrobble for you from You should then be redirected back to your Google Music Player.

  5. You’re done! Enjoy. :-)
By Daniel Slaughter


  • Milkshake8

    Oh No. Found this... But it's different. Trying it right now. ...Seems to work fine. Just as good as option mentioned above. Hope all is well with Daniel :-/

    Giu 15 2011, 1:17
  • Milkshake8

    Daniel's site is back up.

    Giu 18 2011, 19:44
  • Mutilashawn

    hmm just tried this and doesn't seem to work ... any idea why?

    Set 26 2011, 6:00
  • Milkshake8

    I just read this on Daniel's site, if that's what U'r using and not the second option I posted. "...I’m not sure what may be happening. I believe Google is rolling out a slightly different version on their Google Music Player to various users as I’ve noticed a few cosmetic changes. I would assume they could have released an update which is causing a problem with the script, which I will fix the moment they roll this version out to me and I can reproduce the issue. I’ve been running Firefox 6.0.2 for a while now and haven’t noticed anything, so again I’m assuming it’s something Google just changed. If there is anything else you come across which may be the problem please do let me know. I’ll keep you up to date on what I find out. Thank you, Daniel Slaughter" He definitely would be the man to ask for problems beyond basic stuff which I might know simply from using it. I did need to log out and log back in to get the script to work the first time, but I'm guessing U tried that. Google updates their browser quite a bit and something may be off now, but I'm not having any issues with it. Let me know if U could if you do get it to work, I'd like to know what the problem was or might have been.

    Set 26 2011, 16:48
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