Band Discoveries - A to Z


Ago 24 2010, 7:11

A band name for every letter in the alphabet along with how I found out about them! I tried to stay away from mainstream to a point while making sure my heavily listened to bands get on the list.

311 - Can't exclude these guys! I don't recall specifically how I came across them, but I think I was just browsing YouTube when I found the song, Down.


Average White Band - My mom popped in an album from them and tuned to Pick up the Pieces, fell in love with it!
Ballyhoo! - helped me with this one, I was looking for some reggae but also a fusion of ska and rock. Passafire's similar artists may have helped too.
Chronic Future - Heard Apology for Non-Symmetry on Gran Turismo 4 back in 2006-07. Their music has stuck to me like glue.
The Dirty Heads - helped me with this one, I think I heard them in Ballyhoo!'s radio.
E - Can't say I've had any connections.
Flobots - A long known buddy of mine recommended Handlebars to me. Things worked out from there.
Gorillaz - Another one of my friends gave me a ton of ripped CD's from these guys, I used to be ultra addicted to them.
H - Can't say I've had any connections.
Incubus - Heard the beautiful song, Drive. A few of their other songs are splendid.
Jet - Learned from Gran Turismo 4 as well. Gotta love it!
Keane - I think I found these guys on YouTube, Is It Any Wonder? touched my heart.
Linkin Park - One of my oldest listens, I gained interest in them when hearing In The End in the background of a gameplay video.
Maroon 5 - One of my teachers from middle school played this quietly, I looked up the lyrics and found them.
Nonpoint - I think I found these guys on YouTube. The Truth is my jam.
OPM - Not Opium; Open People's Minds. Was browsing YouTube when I heard Stash Up.
Passafire - recommended this, Submersible is a track I can't get tired of.
Quarashi - I recall this one vividly, because I found out about these guys on 8/22/2010. My Chronic Future radio was playing when Dive In played. I followed up by looking at their page and heard Mr. Jinx. Funky stuff, man.
Rage Against the Machine - Heard Killing in the Name of in a video. I listened to them so much in the past.
Sugar Ray - Heard When It's Over in a radio, I caught on fast and now I have all of their albums.
Trik Turner - I... heard their cover song, Black Sheep, assuming that these were the guys whom sang in that Kia commercial. I later got both of their albums and realized how strongly I like this music (regardless of Black Sheep, lol).
The Urge - A find, heard Jump Right In and was quite amused that Nick Hexum was featured in that song.
V - Can't say I've had any connections.
W - Can't say I've had any connections.
X - Can't say I've had any connections.
Youngblood Brass Band - I was in the marching band in 9th grade, and we were supposed to play YBB music for next year. It never did happen, but I did walk away with some knowledge of a kickin' artist.
Z - Can't say I've had any connections.


  • ToxicRebel

    Ha, I was in marching band in high school. We played The Movement and VIP by Youngblood Brass Band. Those tunes were great YBB even came and performed at our school my freshman year. It was a pretty formative moment of my youth

    Mag 20 2012, 20:37
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