• My autograph collection *UPDATED*

    Ago 29 2009, 10:56

    When I visit a concert, the most important thing for me is getting autographs =)
    Here is my collection:


    I've got more of Atargatis, but the comments they wrote on it are to privat...sorry!

    Amberian Dawn







    Lacuna Coil


    Leaves' Eyes/Liv Kristine



    Yes, they are a pop band, but I like them xD



  • Top 25 Bands

    Ago 18 2009, 12:46

    Today I want to show you my Top 25 of bands I love!!




    I like their style, music and lyrics! Great band!

    3.Leaves' Eyes

    Great music, can't wait for their new album!!


    Extreme music - that's why I love them!


    Their earlier stuff is amazing!!!


    R.I.P. Sabine!! I'll never forget you!


    I don't like the sound that much, but the voice is the best^^

    8.After Forever

    It was such a great band :(


    Monika was my favorite Sirenia singer...but I also like Aylin!

    10.Stream of Passion

    Their new album is just WOW!!!


    They are great!!


    Helena is one of my favorite singers!


    I saw them live two times..great band!


    Just Epica :)


    I can't listen to them everyday, because it makes me sad...


    She's a great artist, I like her very much!!

    17.Lacuna Coil

    The first band I've seen live!

    18.Amberian Dawn

    I really love them, the new album is GREAT!

    19.Theatre of Tragedy

    I love everything Liv Kristine does/did.


    Sometimes I like them, sometimes I hate them xD


    Beautiful dark music...


    One of the earliest Gothic Metal bands I've listened to.


    I really like her voice!


    Wonderful music

    25.Factory of Dreams

    Interesting new project!!!

    I hope you enjoyed this report! But it was not easy for me to make this list! But there are a few bands that MUST be mentioned: Amatris,AnubiZ,Within Temptation (:D),Sinphonia,Dawn of Destiny,Erben der Schöpfung,The Flaw,....

    Dark Greetinx, your

    Ice Queen
  • Why is Atargatis my favourite band?!

    Ago 10 2009, 12:50

    Since more than 2 years Atargatis is my favourite band!
    I made lots of videos for them, a fanpage (Atargatis Fanpage) and a myspace fan"space" (Fanspace) and now I want to tell you all WHY I do this stuff for them!

    1. The Logo:

    They have a really cool Logo. It fits perfectly to the bandname. Atargatis represents the name of the Syrian goddess of existence. The goddess Atargatis is often shown as a mermaid, a very feminin character. The lettering looks also very feminin.

    2. The concept of "Atargatis"
    They have a really mistical concept!
    From Sirius for example is about the goddess Atargatis herself, it tells a great story.

    The album Wasteland is about how the people treat nature. A few songs are very critical to our behaviour at the moment. But the whole story is packed in a mistical concept.

    3.The music
    Atargatis is not one of the 1000 Gothic Metal bands or Nightwish copies! They exist much longer as a few people would imagine. They were founded in 1997!
    In the early years they sounded like a Death/Black Metal band with a bit of female Vocals (Alba Gebraich). On the EP Accurst From the Deep they started to find their own style. The male Vocals were not as often used as in the EP before, Stephanie began to sing much more! Now they play something, I would say Symphonic/Power/Melodic Metal with a angelic female Voice (Stephanie Luzie).

    4.The Artwork
    Every Cover and Booklet fits to the contents of the CD!
    Wasteland: The first pages look like the Cover...deserts and no green land. On every more page you can see the landscape getting greener! You can see the nature grow!
    Nova: The bandmembers are personated as elements. Stephanie is fire, Shadrak is the air, Lord Lornhold is water and Azmo is the earth.
    And every song contains an other element and this is also well shown in the booklet!
    Accurst From the Deep and Divine Awakening have also a great artwork, they are about the topic water!

    I've seen one show of them (In Oktober the next will follow) and I was overwhelmed. They have such a great show!! Stephanie interacts with all the other members and it looks totally charming when she is headbanging! She is also close in contact with the fans. They have a great Violin on stage (Tialupa), which makes an adorable sound. An absolute hightlight is that Stephanie and Tialupa are sometimes headbanging synchronous. That looks great!

    6.Their characters
    I've met them two times and I can say a lot about them

    Stephanie Luzie:
    In the female fronted Metal scene, the singers are often like Divas. Although Stephanie looks as nice as a Diva, she is still a normal and very nice person. She likes to talk to the fans and like the other members she gives lots of autographs. But you can also talk with her about serious things. For example: She is a vegetarian since 15 years and I talked with her about living as a vegetarian.

    I'm in contact with him since 2 years, we are chatting very often. I know him very well.
    He is very thankful about every support Atargatis gets. He manages many things...if you write Atargatis a message, you can be shure: He will read it!
    And if you are planning to make a fanpage or something else, he will support you as much as he can!
    For me he is a great musician and friend!

    Lord Lornhold:
    On our last meeting I got to know him a bit more than before!
    He is very funny, he is telling lots of jokes.
    But you can also talk to him about deeper things. If you want to talk to somebody wo knows a lot about science fiction - you would'nt find someone whos better than he!

    She is such a kind person. You can talk to her about many different things.
    She is also very intelligent and wants the best for her fans!
    And she is NOT superficial!!!
    Tialupa is a very warmhearted and charismatic person :)
    You can talk to her about really different things!
    The band can be lucky about such a great person, whos playing Violin!!

    Unfortunately I know him not as good as the others :(
    But I think now Atargatis has found a great person for the Guitar!
    In Oktober I'll see him live...than I can say a bit more about him!
    He is giving his best for learning german^^

    7. The Result:
    If you want a band with mistical Lyrics, powerful (Metal) sound and a great female singer, give Atargatis a chance!!!
    They are really nice persons and they earn lots of fans!!!!

    I hope you enjoyed my little report!
    Greetinx from Ice Queen ;)