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Mostly due to a slew of disappointing releases from bands that I expect much more from, for me 2011 was definitely a year for expanding my taste. Fortunately there were at least 50 songs that were really good and you should look them all up. I could make a zip of them but I probably won't.

Best Songs:
50. "Young Pros" by Bass Drum of Death
49. "Symphony in White, No. 2" by Sun Airway
48. "Post Physical" by Pictureplane
47. "High School Lover" by Oregon Bike Trails
46. "Love To Get Used" by Matt Pond PA
45. "Needles and Pins" by Howth
44. "We Were Children" by Tribes
43. "Garfield" by Hail Mary Mallon
42. "Work" by 1,2,3
41. "Fleeced" by Arms
40. "On Your Side" by Icarus Himself
39. "Heavy Water" by British Sea Power
38. "Do It Again" by Guards
37. "Frequency" by unouomedude
36. "Exhaustible" by DeVotchKa
35. "Whale" by Yellow Ostrich
34. "Mellow Out" by JEFF the Brotherhood
33. "Yours Forever" by Generationals
32. "50 Ways" by Telekinesis
31. "Trails" by Asobi Seksu
30. "If You Wanna" by The Vaccines
29. "Pushing Onlys" by Woods
28. "O Holy Break of Day" by WATERS
27. "Television" by You Won't
26. "Young Blood" by The Naked and Famous
25. "I Won't Get You Down" by The Neighborhood
24. "Badaboom" by Tapes 'n Tapes
23. "Headspace" by We Barbarians
22. "The River, The Woods" by Astronautalis
21. "Venus Shaver" by Shilpa Ray & her Happy Hookers
20. "Bronx Sniper" by Mister Heavenly
19. "All There Is" by Chrome Sparks (feat. Steffaloo)
18. "Where's the Chocolate?" by Das Racist (feat. Darwin Deez)
17. "Lucky Bastard" by All Get Out
16. "Parentheses" by The Antlers
15. "Last Known Surroundings" by Explosions in the Sky
14. "Coyote" by The Lonely Forest
13. "Fever Dreams" by Nurses
12. "Keep Time" by Gauntlet Hair
11. "Abducted" by Cults
10. "New Direction" by Black Lips
9. "Keep You" by Class Actress
8. "The Whip" by Serengeti
7. "Summer of All Dead Souls" by ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
6. "Float On" by Cities Aviv
5. "No Love" by Hooray For Earth
4. "Finale" by Funeral Party
3. "Stamp" by The Rural Alberta Advantage
2. "So Beautiful" by Emay
1. "Colours" by Grouplove

Best EPs:
5. The Bastards: Volume 1 by Radical Face - Three more songs that sound like "Welcome Home" but are not as good.
4. Darling by Carrousel - This EP had some really good song titles like "14" and "(15)."
3. Headspace by We Barbarians - This band sounds like the Walkmen sometimes.
2. Grouplove by Grouplove - This EP contains the best song I ever heard this year, but more importantly it also contains "Gold Coast" from The Sorcerer's Apprentice soundtrack.
1. Mind Altering Dynamics/Incorruptible by Emay - He is younger than me and probably has more talent.

Best Albums:
10. Dracula by Nurses - Less "freak folk" than Apple's Acre and more "flashing neon lights in a dark cave folk."
9. Outside by Tapes 'n Tapes - I mostly just like how crazy Josh's voice gets sometimes.
8. Are You Gonna Eat That? by Hail Mary Mallon - Almost as good as an Aesop Rock album.
7. This Is Our Science by Astronautalis - Is this rap or is this piano ballads (/sometimes Modest Mouse)?
6. Arrows by The Lonely Forest - Full of loud music and quiet music.
5. Family & Friends by Serengeti - I mean he's just saying things but it's really nice.
4. Never Trust A Happy Song by Grouplove - Except these are all happy songs and I trust them.
3. Departing by The Rural Alberta Advantage - Like their first album but for winter.
2. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care by Explosions in the Sky - Post-rock Fantasia.
1. True Loves by Hooray For Earth - Wacco! Wizard! Smashing!

Best Albums I Missed Last Year:
1. Hippies by Harlem
2. Sounds Like/Emay, Karen O, and the Kids/Singles by Emay
3. Libraries by The Love Language
4. Magic Windows, Magic Nights by The Library Is On Fire
5. Guards EP by Guards

Best New Side Project:
Hail Mary Mallon - Aes and Rob trading verses like they forex professionals.

Most Improved:
Nurses - I prefer flashing neon lights in a cave.

Biggest Letdown:
Sole and the Skyrider Band - He wanted to be black at age 34.

Best Covers:
1. "Party in the U.S.A." - Tokyo Police Club covering Miley Cyrus - This is what Miley would sound like if she was a boy.
2. "The Suburbs" - Mr. Little Jeans covering Arcade Fire - This is what Arcade Fire would sound like if Win was a girl.
3. "I Walked" - Fol Chen covering Sufjan Stevens - If Sufjan had made his crazy album even crazier.
4. "Is This It" - Peter Bjorn and John covering The Strokes - Ballsy move throwing a makeshift guitar solo into someone else's song.
5. "Strange Overtones" - We Barbarians covering Brian Eno & David Byrne - But they sound like the Walkmen sometimes.
6. "Lovesick" - Bear in Heaven covering Lindstrøm & Christabelle - I don't know who Linstrum and Christaikea are, so.
7. "M∆PS" - Micro Naps covering Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Witch house isn't dead yet.
8. "Baby" - Code Pie covering Justin Bieber - lol Justin Bieber, right?

Most Anticipated 2012:
1. Rot Gut Domestic by Margot & the Nuclear So and So's
2. I Am Gemini by Cursive
3. TBA by Oberhofer

Noteworthy Concerts:
5/7: ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead/Surfer Blood @ Bottom Lounge - It was nice to see Luda bassing for Trail of Dead.
6/5: Oberhofer/Young Man/Netherfriends @ Lincoln Hall - Oberwhelming.
6/6: Iron & Wine @ Millennium Park - Would have been better if I could see them or hear them or if I liked them.
9/10: Tokyo Police Club/Maps & Atlases/Telekinesis @ The Hideout - I liked Maps' beard, and the Atlases played pretty well.
10/1: Calexico/White Rabbits/The Rural Alberta Advantage @ Lincoln Park - Freeee burritosoooo.
11/3: Blitzen Trapper/Dawes @ Metro - Dawes' drummer made funny faces.


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