2012 Metal/Rock previews


Gen 14 2012, 14:24

A list of some of the most anticipated Metal and Rock albums coming out in 2012

Alice in Chains - Last one was an awesome return album, can't wait!
Arsis - Last couple haven't been that great but I still will check it out.
Arcturus - This is new to me, anyone know about it?
Augury - Not the biggest fan, but people like them.
Black Sabbath - This is huge, hopefully Everyone is healthy!
Lamb of God - Resolution(Already leaked, only listened once) Not Terrible.
Born of Osiris - TBA
Control Denied - When Man And Machine Collide(hopefully)
Mors Principium Est -TBA
Cryptopsy - TBA (last album was disgusting)
Cynic - Follow up to the last E.p should be good.
Dark Funeral - TBA
Demons and Wizards - TBA (Finally)

Devin Townsend - Has 4 diff albums coming out, Haven't liked anything he has done since Synchestra though.
Down - Down IV ( Don't like them at all but figured it's a big release)
DragonForce - TBA
Ensiferum - TBA! ( With every new album they keep getting better)
Equilibrium -TBA
Fragments Of Unbecoming - - The Art Of Coming Apart
Helloween - TBA
Into Eternity - TBA
Incantation - TBA
Kalmah - TBA
Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast
Necrophagist - TBA
Nile - TBA
Pyramaze - TBA
Quo Vadis - But Who Prays For Satan?
Riverside - TBA
Rush - Cloclwork Angels!
Satyricon - TBA
Shadows Fall - TBA (Kind of fell off for awhile, maybe they'll be good again.
Slayer - Maybe?

Soilwork - The Living Infinite(Saw nothing about this until I read it on Metal-Storm, don't know if it's a real title or not)

Suffocation - TBA
The Crown - Doomsday King

The Dillinger Escape Plan - TBA
Tool - TBA
Watchtower - Mathematics
Wintersun - Time
Daylight Dies - TBA

I probably missed a few here and there but this is a nice chunk of what is coming out!


  • 0Tolerance

    When do you believe Watchtower - Mathematics will come out ?

    Gen 29 2012, 16:14
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