Demimonde Mesila Thraam, 48, Femmina, Stati Uniti
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Obtuse oblique questions give birth to clear straight answers. We don't ask you to trust us! Just follow me, and roll down the hole to stumble into the rumble. The live hive of holes and tunnels beckons the unwary. Pick a number or a letter and sit for a spell.

We have guided you, slowly, inexorably, for all these years. Behold the enigma that your mind devours with glee! Roving, raving, craving to feed the glitter-bit spots and dizzy lit dots that flit into the System.

Sublime victory awaits us! Death to the new world order. Damn the torpedoes. Torpedo the dams. Trample the ramparts and thrash the brass. Get it? Got it? Good.

Feel that quickening, feet pounding streets, look back and the cracks will pull you down to the rocks and dust.

Terminal time is here. Just Give up, it's now (Y)our Turn. Don't expect mercy, it ran out last week. Overthrow is Underway! Take your masters prisoner. Interrogate ruthlessly.

Rise, run once, convert the version to reverse the conversion. Hark, the herald dangers sting!

Open your mouth, and eat me. I am Your Pandemic God of Chaos, your Mind Virus.
You mind?

Bend over, I'll drive.


altered nation-states, being spun, blacklight posters, candor, chaos magick, choronzon, confabulation, cosmogony, defacing advertisements, discordians, DMT, doppler effect sounds, earthquakes, effectuation, eidolons, enigma, etymology, eureka moments, feedback-as-music, glossolalia, hallucinations, hebephrenia, industrial music, information wars, insurgents, irreality, late'60s graphic design, long-haired guys, LSD, manic depression, marijuana, moral relativism, multi-tiered satire, mythopoeia, natural disasters, negative ions, neologisms,, paradigm sorcery, paraphernalia, parody websites, perpendicular universes, pixel torture, psychedelia, san francisco, schizoaffectives, snakes, speculative fiction, striped cats, strobe lights, synaesthesia, telluric currents, thelemic heresy, transhumanity, transpiracy research, typography, xenodimensionals

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