The Greatest Show on Earth


Nov 3 2009, 3:57

Take ten bands/artists that should play at your show and determine their set lists:

- The first one plays 5 songs.
- The second one plays 5 songs.
- The third one plays 5 songs.
- The fourth one plays 5 songs.
- The fifth one plays 6 songs.
- The sixth one plays 7 songs.
- The seventh one plays 7 songs.
- The eighth one plays 7 songs.
- The ninth one plays 11 songs.
- The tenth one plays 14 songs, with a 2 song encore.

Saw this band this year and they were better than Alestorm.
Awesome live.

Hold The Heathen Hammer High
The Hammer of Thor
By the Sword in my Hand
Hail to the Hammer

Because it's Tobias Sammet & co. :P

Ministry of Saints
We Don't Need a Hero
The Pharaoh

It needed some Melodeath/Folk, so Ensiferum it is.

Twilight Tavern
Deathbringer from the Sky
Token of Time
From Afar
Lai Lai Hei

Always wanted to see them live.

Pyre Of Gods
Follow Me Into Madness
I'm Here
Rider of the Last Day

Gamma Ray
Kai Hansen is Gawd.

The Heart Of The Unicorn
Lost In the Future
Leaving hell
Man On a Mission
I Want Out
Rebellion In Dreamland

Because they were great live when I first saw them.

Planet Hell
The Poet and the Pendulum
The Kinslayer
Slaying the Dreamer
Last of the Wilds
Over the Hills and Far Away

One of my favorites, really underrated.

What Tomorrow Knows
Beyond Within
The Heart Collector
I, Voyager
This Godless Endeavor

Opeth = Consistency.
It works that they're before Dream Theater :P

The Lotus Eater
Forest of October
The Grand Conjuration
Master's Apprentice
Demon of the Fall

Dream Theater
Recently saw them live, which was my third time and they were absolutely amazing.

A Nightmare to Remember
The Mirror
Fatal Tragedy
Take the Time
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
A Mind Beside Itself
The Count of Tuscany

Iron Maiden
If you've picked up a DVD or watched Flight 666 with Iron Maiden, you'd know why they're headlining. Not to mention they're my favorite.

Aces High
Die With Your Boots On
Caught Somewhere In Time
Wasting Love
Out of the Silent Planet
The Duellists
Alexander the Great
The Wicker Man
The Number of the Beast
Running Free
Fear of the Dark
Wasted Years
The Trooper
Iron Maiden

For both songs of this Encore, all vocalists of the other bands will join Bruce to sing.
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
To Tame a Land

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  • TmBmbadl

    That'd be a great show, I'd definetly go see that. Not sure, but I think Dream Theater's set is longer than Maiden's, I wonder if they can still play those long sets, it'd be nice, and I hope if they do it again at some point.

    Nov 3 2009, 16:54
  • MelodeathAddict

    @ os_teriyaki: Thanks =) They're all great bands. My guess is Opeth, Gamma Ray, Nevermore, Týr and perhaps Ensiferum and Edguy? There's always room for Tides. :D xD I Want Out isn't even a cover of Helloween tbh, since Kai Hansen wrote it because he wanted out of Helloween. That's pretty much the story behind the song. Yeah, Rudess uses that Keytar to come up and duel/solo with Petrucci. So that's when I saw Within Temptation. I was at Twickenham to see Maiden. Well as long as you're glad about it. And Yeah, that's old-school Bruce. The epitome of awesome. :P It is a great Maiden finish. I added a few songs Maiden have never played before too so I think that setlist would be good too. xD I remember having that and I had to put that up.

    Nov 3 2009, 20:39
  • MelodeathAddict

    @ TmBmbadl: Yes, Dream Theater's is definitely longer but since It's a whole day kind of deal, and there's no rules about how long the setlist lasts, why not? :D They still can play long sets. I think they're going to play long sets after Progressive Nation for people who want more Dream Theater.

    Nov 3 2009, 20:41
  • MelodeathAddict

    Sort of. Gamma Ray is what Helloween would have been if Kai Hansen stayed. Which I consider a good thing.

    Nov 3 2009, 22:06
  • TmBmbadl

    Yeah, thought it was something like that, still, it's kind of funny looking how 1 of their songs is as long as most of the other bands sets, but who's complaining? I'd like to see that setlist sometime. I hope they get back to the longer sets, I know they can play them, but I've read that it's hard for them to play 3 hours through the whole tour. I was lucky to see one of the "An Evening With..." shows and it was a great experience.

    Nov 3 2009, 22:41
  • British_Viking

    I'd go just for the Iron Maiden set, even though it has Wasting Love. The encore would be so funny. If only it was real...

    Mar 14 2010, 11:04
  • MelodeathAddict

    Yeah ;P but I like Wasting Love. It got me into Maiden. That was my first of their songs.

    Mar 14 2010, 14:47
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